Baby A: Gender Predictions

Tomorrow is the big day… the anatomy scan and when we find out if Baby A is a little girl or boy. My parents are actually going with us to the scan, but we aren’t having the technician tell us the gender while we are there. If all goes to plan, she will pass along the word to my friend Courtney who is making cupcakes for us all to enjoy that evening at a celebration with friends.

Until then all I have to go on is my gut, which is getting larger by the minute so it must be accurate, which has been saying boy all along. Even though are extremely unreliable, I do think it is fun to take a look at what the Old Wives Tales predict…


I also had my students make predictions today in class and the majority went with girl, mostly because they said girls were better behaved.

EEk I can’t believe only one more sleep until we know! I feel like once we know the gender and have a name picked out things will feel even more real. Right now even with my growing belly it is hard for me to imagine there is really a little person inside there that is going to be joining us in less than 5 months (that seems like FOREVER).

Stay tuned…

16 thoughts on “Baby A: Gender Predictions

  1. ahhh yay! how fun that you are keeping it a secret until you can eat a delicious cupcake revealing it! i have no guesses because that type of thing stresses me out haha. everyone is saying boy for us, i have a feeling for a girl for me so then i bet it will be a boy. AH who knows?!

  2. That’s a really fun way to find out, but I’m not sure I could handle not being the first to know! I’m such a control freak. Good luck for your scan!

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