Baby A: It’s a…

We are so excited our sweet little girl will be joining us in August!

Tuesday afternoon I went to the ultrasound place for my 19/20 week anatomy scan. This is the really big one where they go over all of the baby’s development and are able to tell you the gender.

We made sure to let both the doctor and technician know we did not want to know right away and had them write the gender down and seal it in an envelope.

The appointment went well and we were assured that everything looked great and our baby was right on track, growth wise. It was such great news to hear, especially since I haven’t felt anything yet, that baby was doing just fine.

We immediately took the envelope over to my friend, Courtney’s, house so she could fill the cupcakes she had made earlier that day. She sent me this adorable picture of her little helper watching the cupcakes bake and blowing kisses.


At this point I was 100% convinced that the baby was a boy. I had no real reasoning behind it but I just knew (kind of like I just knew I wasn’t pregnant…). 

Anyway, that evening my parents, Travis and I and a group of our friends gathered at one of our favourite neighbourhood spots, a micro brewery called The Green Beacon. Where else would you have a gender reveal than a brewery?


After everyone arrived and my girlfriend from home informed me that she was awake and ready to watch the reveal via Periscope (which she explained to me how to do, since I had no clue), we all grabbed a cupcake and simultaneously took a bite. You can see how it went down…

I was absolutely shocked. Travis on the other hand had been saying it was a girl the whole time so he kept saying “I told you!” I am kind of relieved though because I was worried that if it was a boy I would have to do things like play sports or go camping. Neither of which I have the slightest interest in. My mom was also surprised because she had been thinking boy the whole time too.


We spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking, celebrating, and brainstorming girl names since we have zero contenders at the moment (seriously any help here?!).



The next morning I took 5 of the cupcakes to school and let me students cut them open with their tables. They were SO excited! Most of the them had predicted girl and they couldn’t wait to tell me their name ideas as well. They also have already decided they want her to be a teacher just like me.

Now we are off the celebrate Easter (and baby girl) in South Australia’s wine country over the long weekend. Even though I wont be partaking in the tastings I am looking forward to the scenery, cooler weather and just relaxing in the country with my family. Have a great weekend everyone!

25 thoughts on “Baby A: It’s a…

  1. When I saw the picture I totally thought you wore pink because you knew it was a girl! How funny that you’re wearing literally the girliest dress and you find out you’re having a girl! Also, you totally have a TX accent haha!! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard your voice before. Soo excited for you. And FYI you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Waaa! So happy, congratulations! When you send the ribbon icons over at Snapchat I didn’t quite got it, they looked orange to me and I was not quite certain what that meant, lol now I know they are meant to be pink!! haha such a lovely announcement!

  3. YAY!!!!!! A little girl!! This is so exciting! What a fun way to reveal. And I know I’ve said this a bunch but I am so glad your parents got to be there for the reveal! I know I would want my parents there. AHHH!! Another of my friends is having a baby girl and she’s due in August too! 🙂

  4. That’s so exciting that y’all are having a girl! I worry (even though we’re not really thinking about kids for another year or so) that we’re going to have boys because I don’t know if I’d know how to handle boys!
    Your reveal was seriously so cute, and that’s so funny that Travis called that y’all were going to have a little girl! And so fun that you took the extra cupcakes to your class to share with your kids!

    • I think he mostly just said that since I was so confident it was a boy. I hate that I have to tell him he was right. Thanks, they don’t do gender reveals here like they do at home and apparently some of the bartenders thought that it was a party for someone who just went through a “transition”.

  5. wait. WAIT YOU ARE SO CUTE. i mean that bump. OH MY SO MUCH ADORABLENESS.

    Congratulations on baby. And MORE congratulations on baby GIRL. I cannot wait to see chubby cheeks around here!

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