Baby A: Month 5 Bumpdate


Holy Moly how are we 5 months in already? As quickly as it has been going, 4 more months seems like an eternity! I am ready to meet our little baby girl already. This go around I was better at taking my bump pictures at the same time each week (Sunday evening), the only issue is that by that time I am in my comfy cloths sans make-up so please excuse my rough appearance. Also, it appears that my leggings in Week 20 completely sucked in my belly, but rest assured it was still popping. If you are bored of these updates (or creeped out by 3D ultrasound pics) you might want to go ahead and skip this post. I will be back later this week recapping non-baby related things.

If you stuck around, here is this month’s bumpdate..

How far along:

21 Weeks (and 2 days)

Baby Size:

A baby bok choy, a pomegranite, a baseball cap… just depends who you ask 😉



    • Finally getting the go ahead to share my news with my students (and their parents). Some of them were less surprised than others, apparently the parent rumor mill had been suspecting for a while. They are super cute about it all and keep wanting to talk to my belly and give me name ideas. I think I have said it 100 times but I really love my kids this year, they are so sweet and fun.
    • Finding out Baby A is a SHE with my friends and parents! I was so surprised.
    • Seeing all of her little parts at the anatomy scan (even though I thought she was a he the whole time). IMG_4892
    • Starting to shop for little girly things and personalise our registry a little more.
    • Narrowing down our name list- it is seriously so hard!! We just call her by different names every day trying to decide what sticks. But seriously- if you know any cute, unique names that don’t start with an A, I’m all ears!
    • Spending more time with my parents over Easter before they went home.

An extra special Easter Sunday, we are officially half way to meeting our little chick! ? #littlebabyalkek #20weeks

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Maternity Clothes:

Hair tie and belly band tricks are still working for jeans. My mom brought me maternity leggings from home, so I’m trying to bust those out any days the temp drops below 30 celcius (88F). The cool weather in Adelaide was such a cruel tease, I need it to feel like it’s actually fall ASAP. I pretty much live in comfy maxi skirts and tank tops.

  • Pregnancy brain is for real. I am now no longer in charge of grabbing the keys in the morning after I’ve gotten us locked out of our apartment for the second time this month. This time I had a key… Just not the right one.
  • Back pain!! I now know what everyone is talking about and it’s killing me. These exercises help, but I am going to a Physio this week to hopefully get some more relief.
  • Heartburn- Dr. Google says no alkasektzer though.



Not going so well. I got a body pillow and it’s helping some.


Sugar. Chocolate. Burgers are still a fave too.



Shrimp still grosses me out.


Still walking or lifting weights 3-4 times a week. One of the trainers at the gym came up to me and said “sooo you’re pregnant?” he said he had been wanting to ask for the past month but wasn’t positive. He gave me pointers for training while pregnant which was very helpful. Travis is very sweet and takes time out of his workouts a couple times a week to go on walks with me in the mornings.


Missing Anything:

I missed being able to participate in wine tastings on our trip to South Australia over Easter. They did let me smell though ?.

Looking Forward To:

Moving next month and starting to put a nursery together. Right now all things baby are scattered around our house.


I have been on the fence if the little things I had been feeling were baby or just normal tummy behavior. This week though I have concluded it is definitely baby. Whenever I am laying down or sitting still for long periods of time I will start to feel little taps. Trav finally felt one the other night!

Nursery Progress:

My mom made a few purchases at the antique store while she was here and so I’m starting to have a vision of what I want. Now to just find a place to live. I have been a pinning machine (you can see below), and I know I want a girly, shabby chic style nursery, so I am ready to get started!
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16 thoughts on “Baby A: Month 5 Bumpdate

  1. You are so cute Courtney!!! You’re bump pics all look the same until 21 weeks lol. You look SO good by the way! And that’s sweet about the guy at the gym. I’m hoping if I can make working out a habit now, but the time I’m pregnant (100 years from now) I will be able to look as good as you 😉 Names…though….my favorites are Emili, Eileen, Josephine, Clara. But don’t take Josephine because I want that one lol. Are you guys having a hard time agreeing on ideas? I imagine wanting to kill John someday when he won’t let me name our baby lol.

    • Thanks you are so sweet. I’m lucky that Trav and I go to the gym together every morning becuSe he keeps me on track (I am NOT a morning person at all). I do love Clara, I’ve told him that one. Travis mostly just says no to every name and then give joke suggestions (like his current fave, Thelma Velma). It’s driving me nuts. We do have a name we both really like but we aren’t ready to commit, that’s why I want to hear allllll the ideas still.

  2. Lindsay L Hess says:

    It’s almost creepy how excited for/interested in your pregnancy I am. Idk what kind of girl names you’re into, but I have a looooong running list of names that I frequently tell Andy are all my favorite….apparently we will not be having 937 baby girls, so I cannot use them all. Happy to share if you’re interested. 🙂

    • Haha whatever it’s what bloggers do, get overly invested in stranger’s lives. I’m super guilty. I always thought it would be fun to pick out a girl name since we’ve always known our boy one but it is so hard when you are trying to agree and pick a name someone is stuck with We have one we both like but I still want to hear any and every option, so please share any you aren’t planning on naming Baby Hess ??.

  3. You’ve seriously got the cutest little baby bump! Moving and getting ready to decorate are things that I’d definitely be looking forward to as well! And that sucks that you had to miss out on wine tasting, but at least they let you smell!

  4. ahhhh love these little updates! booo missing out on wine tasting, i’m totally missing booze. we moved to a new place and how we normally explore is checking out new happy hours – which is not an option. you are such a cute pregnant lady!

    • I haven’t missed it nearly as much as I thought but I love the whole wine tasting experience. I was glad when my parents were here so Trav could have a booze partner. He had been wanting to try a couple new micro breweries and I kept telling me I didn’t want to go sit and watch him drink and sip nasty bar hose water.

  5. Loved reading this! So fun to get all the updates! 😀 And please with rough appearance, you’re like the cutest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen! I know moving and decorating can be tough and a bit stressful, but it’s also so fun and exciting! It’s all going to go and look great! Can’t wait to read about it! Xx

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