Weekly Wrap Up

Hi again! Blogging two days in a row? I know it is unheard of around these parts.

Rachel over at The Rachel Way started a new weekly wrap up link up and it got me motivated to start documenting our normal daily life more. I know that in just a few months life will look a whole lot different, and I want to be able to look back on our life as family of two and what we did on the ordinary days, not just when we traveled somewhere or did something exciting.

I am kind of sad that last week is over. I am officially over half way through with my first school holiday break (we get two weeks off in between each term). We started the week celebrating Easter in the Barosaa (I promise to post all about it later), and landed back in Brissy Monday evening. Between the four of us we were able to bring back 24 bottles of wine from South Australia and 22 of them actually made it into our apartment, two of them met an early demise on the commute from cab to front door. It’s safe to say we had a great weekend, and the wine tasting members of our party were quite content with their souvenirs.


Tuesday was my parents last day in Brisbane before they headed home, luckily since it was the first week of school holidays, I had the day off to hang out with them. My dad spent the blistering hot afternoon at the golf course, deciding to walk the course instead of rent a cart. A choice I am sure he regretted once he saw these signs and slopes.

He said it was the first golf course he played that had speed bumps on the path. The views were pretty spectacular though…


While he was panting on the course, my mom and I were enjoying a lady like lunch of hot dogs and San Pelligrino. For the record, the vegetarian falafel hot dog is amazing.


Afterwards we walked around Paddington (one of my favorite neighborhoods) and checked out the shops. We spent some time in the Antique center where I was shocked to find out this gem was still available for purchase. I made sure to let Travis know that he hadn’t missed his opportunity to be the owner. My mom bought Baby A her first nursery pieces, a tiny wicker chair and antique floral print. I can’t wait to start putting everything together.


On the way back to the car we stopped by my friend’s house to play with her new puppy, Bacon. He is a toy poodle and absolutely precious (he even has his own instagram account- @brisbacon with probably more followers than me).

Wednesday, we took my parents to the airport, luckily it wasn’t too difficult of a goodbye since they will be back in August to help out with the baby. The rest of my week was spent taking naps, laying by the pool, reading and trying to focus on relaxing instead of my daunting to do list.


Friday morning I had a my first Brisbane blogger date with Carly of Let Us Wanderlust. I found Carly’s blog not long after we moved to Australia and we have been saying forever that we needed to get together when she was in town. We had such a great time chatting over flat whites and almond croissants that not only did we forget to take any pictures but we lost track of time and Carly got quite a bit behind her scheduled departure time (she was heading to Fraser Island- so jealous!).  I managed to sneak in a quick lunch with my busy husband in between meetings, I have missed being able to do that now that I work full-time, and get in some solid baby related window shopping in while I was in the city.

The day ended with a home cooked meal on the couch- just like all Friday nights should. We have officially become those boring married couples.


Saturday we spent the ENTIRE day looking at apartments. Literally we had inspections every 10-15 minutes from 8:30 until 3. As I explained here, apartment hunting here is SO different and it is frustrating that we are a month out from moving but most places won’t consider us because it isn’t soon enough. After that exhausting day, we came home and watched house hunters, which I found ironic, and I finally learned how to do those weird filters on SnapChat. How creepy is this face swap?!


I am not going to lie that the stress of house hunting plus pregnancy hormones did not put me in the best mood. It didn’t help knowing that we should have been in Mexico with the rest of our friends.

After feeling like Saturday was a waste of a weekend day together I told Travis I wanted to skip our normal routine of church and grocery shopping on Sunday and head to the coast. Luckily he was on board and my friend Courtney suggested a spot they had gone to that day.

After wishing the bride well via FaceTime Sunday morning, we headed down to the Gold Coast. We found a quiet spot on Tallebudgera Beach and got comfy.


The weather was perfect and the water was gorgeous. I have to pinch myself sometimes that we are lucky enough to live so close to such gorgeous places.


After getting enough rays we ate a large BBQ lunch at Lester & Earl on Palm Beach. Usually I am really skeptical of any restaurant claiming to be american or southern themed, and this was no exception. We didn’t have too many choices nearby and we couldn’t pass up the beach front view.


Luckily, Lester and and Earl completely proved me wrong- it was SO good. We ordered the brisket and fried chicken burgers (really healthy, I know) and split them both. It was a little pricy, but one of the better meals we have had in a long time!

Well that was our weekend! Now it is time for me to soak up my last week off for the next 11 weeks (eeek!). What have you been up to?

12 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. ummmmmm i need that falafel hot dog in my life. seriously. i must.
    that’s so awesome that you were able to meet up with Carly, and yay for Lester and Earl exceeding your expectations!

        honestly, you know how i was unsure of where we are gonna go as an ‘extra’ trip next year? i’m thinking surfers/brisbane because i know KC would love surfers, and I really, really want one of those hot dogs. and you guys would obviously have to come and meet up with me. it’s only fair.

  2. It sounds like you definitely made the most out of your time with your parents! That sucks that you lost a couple of bottles of wine, but hopefully there will be some left after baby Alkeks gets here! I can’t believe that your dad walked the golf course! That’s crazy!

  3. This is such a cool recap. It was so nice that you had the chance to Facetime with your friend, though I know how hard that must have been. Can’t people like not get married while we live abroad please!? Lol 😦 It is nice to see that you seized your day, the place looks beautiful!

  4. Loved this recap Courtney, and it was SO great to finally meet you! I made it to Fraser Island without any troubles, just had to rush to make it haha! And how pretty is the beach! So lucky we have those gorgeous shores basically on our doorstep! X

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