Life Lately {April ’16}

I have been slacking pretty hard on the blog front lately, I’m sorry. The first week back at school, finding a place to live, growing a human and lots of other little things have pretty much dominated my spare time these past two weeks.

So this is what’s been going on with us lately…


I crossed something off my 30 Before 30 list over the school holidays! I was hoping to check off more than one thing, but hey it’s a start. Emily Anne, Jillian and I spent a sunny Wednesday morning stand up paddle boarding on the Tweed Heads River an hour and a half away.

We snatched up a groupon and for $10 we spent half an hour peacefully gliding down the river chatting and checking out the local riverfront property. It was a pretty easy since the river was so smooth, I’m sure doing it on the ocean would be a little trickier. It was so relaxing and a good workout too. I can’t wait to do it again!

After we were done, we headed down the road towards Kirra beach. We had the most delicious meal at a cute little vegan cafe before playing on the beach and taking in the beautiful scenery. The Gold Coast has some really gorgeous beaches!


We found a place to live! It’s all of a whopping 5 minute drive (if you get stuck at the one light) from our current apartment but is technically in the next suburb over. It has plenty of room for us and Baby A and best of all we don’t have to trek up three flights of stairs to get to our unit. We move in next Saturday and I am so excited to start nesting.


Two weekends ago we went to our first Queensland Reds Rugby game. They play rugby union (as opposed to rugby league) which apparently is the same rules as in the UK. All I know is I can’t believe they don’t wear any pads or helmets. Also, I really liked when they do these things that look like cheerleading stunts. Clearly I know a lot about sports.


Even though I have no clue what is going on, it was still fun to go to a new sporting event and cheer on the local team (and we won!). My favorite part was when we stopped to get gelato on the way home though.


We are trying to squeeze in as many of these spontaneous dates nights as possible. Only 16 more weekends with just the two of us!


Last Saturday we decided to go explore a part of Brisbane we still hadn’t been to. Less than an hour drive from Brisbane up a very windy road are Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo. The article I read about visiting them said to stop in Samford on your way for cute shops and cafes. Yeah, that was mostly a bust. We browsed an antique store for a bit and then headed for Mount Glorious.

Can you spot little Trav at the bottom? I wasn’t about to climb down to the edge.
The weather was nice and chilly up there and we enjoyed a short hike down to some falls. Unfortunately we haven’t had much rain lately so they were pretty small. It was still fun to walk through the rain forest and check out all the cool trees.

This is after I dropped my water bottle and had to hike down to get it. Travis found it soooo amusing.

On our way back to Brisbane we went a different rotate and stopped at some scenic lookouts. It was a much needed afternoon away from the city and the stress of daily life (apparently being pregnant makes everything seem very stressful to me).

Getting a little mountain air. ?

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We have not one but two three day weekends coming up in a row. This Monday we are off for ANZAC Day (similar to Veteran’s Day) and next Monday is Labour Day. This morning (Friday) Travis suggested we head to the Granite Belt for a night, so by the end of my lunch break I had a hotel booked in the tiny town of Tenterfield.

Tenterfield is the home of Peter Allen (known for marrying Liza Minelli) and we are staying at the Peter Allen Motor Inn Saturday night. Although our accommodation might not be luxurious, I can’t wait to escape to the cooler weather. The area is known for wineries, orchards, and breathtaking national parks. When I went back in June on a girls trip we didn’t have time to do the national parks so I’m excited to hike up some big granite boulders!

Also, next week I get to see Baby A! I hate waiting a full month between appointments and I’m so anxious to see that little alien child inside of me on the ultrasound screen.

PS I finally made a purchase of my own for baby girl and it came in the mail today! It’s 3-6 months so it will be a little while before she grows into it, but I couldn’t resist when I saw it on a pop-up sale site.


In other exciting news, both my mom and Travis’ mom booked their flights this week to come and see us after the baby is born. Our little girl is going to be so spoiled with the two greatest grandmothers. We are also planning for her first flight in October when Trav’s mom is here and it so bizarre to plan a trip for a tiny person that isn’t even here yet.
Oh well that’s all the news I have for now. Hopefully next week I will get my act together and finish my Easter recap. Have a great weekend (long one if you are in Oz)!

12 thoughts on “Life Lately {April ’16}

  1. YAY! Looks like you’ve had some great adventures! I’m so glad y’all found an apartment and close one at that! Hopefully it makes moving easier for you!

    And that little dress is adorable!! 🙂

  2. Y’all have been so busy lately! Paddleboarding looks like so much fun, along with the Rugby game! I had a friend that went to college in New Zealand and came back to the states with a Kiwi husband and a love for rugby! That dress is the cutest, and even better news that y’all found a place to live!

  3. Gelato is always the right answer. 🙂 And Baby A may fit into that dress faster than you think! My not quite four month old is already wearing the 6-9 month sizes. She never wore newborn sizes because they’re designed for babies less than 8 lbs, and she was 8lbs 3oz at birth. And good luck with the future flight! We’ll be taking ours to Europe in August, and I’m already excited/nervous about that!

    • Yeah that’s what I keep hearing so I am not washing any of the clothes (other than a few of the smaller ones) until after we see how big she is. I can’t wait to hear how your flight goes and what pointers you have. We are planning on just going to Tasmania in October so it is a short two hour one, but we fly back to the states in December when she will be about 4 months.

  4. Congrats on finding a new place to live, that is such stressful times! I hope moving day goes well, too. Those hikes look great, I could do with a nice long walk in the countryside but it has been freezing hail here recently :/

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