Easter Weekend in South Australia {Part 2}

In case you missed part one, you can check it out right here.

After a relaxing night at the house, we were up bright and early Saturday morning for breakfast with a view.


Our first stop after leaving the house was the Tanunda visitor centre where we took advantage of the photo booth props, and got the run down on what was going on in the Barossa Valley Easter weekend.



We decided to take a drive down Seppeltfield Road- a country road lined with palm trees and surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. Perfect place for some photo opportunities.

They said this was going to be the picture on their wine label they are planning on creating… IMG_4961

Then we visited Kaesler, Gibson and Tscharke wineries (with a break for lunch of course).


And my dad continued to work on his new pose (also seen here)…


Tscharke has one of my favourite cellar doors. It’s a cute little house with a pottery shop on the second floor and the most picturesque garden overlooking the vines.

Just spying on Trav from the upstairs window.

The weather was gorgeous that Saturday and there were families, puppies, people young and old everywhere you looked.

After our big day soaking up the sunshine we were all pretty pooped. We headed back to the house for some serious R&R. Not a bad place to take a nap or read a book.



After resting and cleaning up we went back into Tanunda because I wanted to check out the handmade craft fair. We got there about an hour before it was set to close up, but several of the stalls were already packing up for the night. There wasn’t too much to the fair and we might have been the only people there not working at a stall, which made me feel extra guilty about not buying anything. As we were leaving we did catch a pretty gorgeous sunset.



We had dinner reservations that night in nearby Angaston at a restaurant called Vintners. It’s so crazy to me with all the tourism the region brings, there really aren’t many restaurants in the area. This one had gotten great reviews online and we were excited to check it out. The food was really, really good and we all had to practically be rolled out of the restaurant at the end of the night. Needless to say no one had trouble going to sleep that night.

Easter Sunday we decided to go check out a region we hadn’t been to before, Clare Valley, the area that is know for making Reisling. IMG_5024

It was over an hour from our Airbnb, but we made some pit stops such as this one at the Martindale Hall. Although we didn’t pay the $12 to take a tour, we did have fun exploring the grounds, checking out some Roos and Trav had some good hill rolls.



IMG_5056 Travis’ attempt at doing the classic maternity “hands in the heart shape” pose.

We checked out a couple wineries and ate a yummy but extremely overpriced cheese platter at one winery.


It clearly didn’t fill me (or anyone else!) up so we had to stop for some sweets and coffee at a local bakery.


On our way back home we decided to make a last minute stop at the winery (literally) down the road from our house, Pindarie, even though we knew they were about to close.


It was too late for a tasting but we couldn’t believe we had missed out on the gorgeous property until then. There were lots of families there and I heard one of the sommeliers chatting with one mom about how they come every year. I can’t wait to bring our little family back one day!


We got home just in time to watch the sunset and some roos hopping around. Contrary to popular belief there aren’t kangaroos hopping around in the middle of the city, so it still exciting for us when we spot them.

Monday morning we packed up and headed out. We made one last winery stop at our favourite place from last trip, Rockford Wines. My dad kept saying he couldn’t believe we waited until the last day to take him there, but we had to save the best for last!


We made it back to Brisbane that night with full hearts and even fuller suitcases (thanks to the 24 bottles of wine we took back on the plane). It was such a perfect Easter weekend and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my parents too. And now to start planning our return trip with Baby A…


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20 thoughts on “Easter Weekend in South Australia {Part 2}

  1. I still can’t get over how beautiful that part of Australia is! I love the fact that there were kangaroos hopping through the vineyards! Kangaroos hopping through a city is probably the same misconception about Texans riding their horses to work.

  2. I love your ‘classic’ maternity pose, you need to make that a new Instagram trend asap! I’m gawping over the views you had from your AirBnB, what beautiful views. I hope you make it back en famille!

  3. So I’m scrolling through these pictures, thinking, “Ah, yes, classic beauty of wine country…” and then BAM! there are kangaroos! The area had such a familiar looking vibe that I forgot it wasn’t in the U.S. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  4. 24 bottles of wine huh?! Sounds like you all really liked it (Well I guess they all did anyway) 😀 Looks like an absolutely lovely weekend with beautiful scenery! The picture of your dad’s pose and Travis on your back crack me up! I can’t believe all those Kangaroos! So Australia! hehe

  5. Martindale Hall looks like something out of a jane austen book/movie 🙂 that restaurant sounds fabulous, sucks about the cheese plate at the other palce. your dad and travis are master posers hahaha

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