Baby A: Month 6 Bumpdate

I feel like I was just writing the Month 5 bump date, time is FLYING by! Which is just fine with me because I can not wait to meet our little girl (who has no name, clothes or nursery, so maybe it’s good I still have 3 months to go).

How far along:

25 weeks and 3 days

Baby Size:

A baseball glove, a prarie dog and a rutabaga are a few of the comparisons. According to the internet she is around 1.5 lbs and 13.5 inches, which seems huge to me!



  • Finding a place to live! It feels so good to know where we will be bringing little baby Alkek home to.
  • Ordering a few fun little girly things online. We have been trying to hold off on purchasing anything until after the move, but now May is all about her!
  • Getting to see her little face on the ultrasound last week. I am lucky that we do a scan at every appointment and I get so giddy knowing that I am going to see her. Sidetone: I also made my doctor double check that it is indeed a her, I have heard of too many people being told one thing and then another. But he confirmed only lady parts down there.
  • Moving into our new place (four days ago). Now it is nursery time!
  • Trying out stand up paddle boarding and crossed it off my 30 Before 30 list! It was a great pregnancy friendly workout.
  • Having an impromptu getaway over the ANZAC long weekend. It was so relaxing and beautiful in the granite belt, I can not wait to go back as a family. I will be writing lots more about our trip later this week.


Maternity Clothes:

I tried to wear my maternity white jeans a couple weeks ago, but I think I still have to grow into them. I was hiking up my pants all day, much to the amusement of my co-workers. One of them offered me his star wars braces (what they call suspenders). So I am sticking to the belly band and leggings (maternity and not). It is FINALLY starting to cool off and so I have a feeling I will be living in leggings the next few months. Most of my tops still fit since I typically only wear loose fitting ones, but some of my workout tanks are getting a little short.


For the most part I feel pretty normal. I have been getting heartburn that doesn’t seem to be helped much by Zantac or my heartburn tea. I have been pretty exhausted too, but that could also do with how busy we have been lately.


Getting a little better with my body pillow. I am waking up less during the night, but I still don’t feel very rested by the time the alarm goes off.


Chocolate and all things sweet. I was so worried that I would fail my glucose test this month because of my sugar intake, but my doctor informed me that gestational diabetes isn’t caused by your diet and I am safe to keep eating gelato for now. So fingers cross that I pass the test because monitoring my sugar intake right now is the last thing I want to do.


Shrimp still grosses me out.


Cut back to strictly 3 times a week, mostly light weights and the bike or elliptical. I am using my other two mornings to get in extra sleep.

I went to the physio right after the month 5 update for some back pain I was having. Apparently my body is just not adjusting to the extra weight that well and I am getting some pain on my left side. She told me to cut back on my walking and just do exercises where my weight is equal on both sides (no lunges etc).

I was really upset because a. we walk everywhere here and b. I was really enjoying my long morning walks before work a couple times a week. After a couple of days the pain went away and I decided to ignore her advice and take a long walk. Well you guessed it- the pain came back. Now I just know my limits and try and stick to shorter distances. I did insist on hiking bald rock on our trip a couple weeks ago, because I look at this place…

Celebrated 24 weeks of #littlebabyalkek by taking her on a hike up the Southern Hemisphere’s largest granite monolith.

A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on


It wasn’t that long of a hike (about 4 miles round trip) and the soreness the next day was worth it. I will be trying to take it a little easier the rest of the pregnancy though.

Missing Anything:

Not too much, I really like being pregnant! A good nights sleep would be nice though…

Looking Forward To:

More baby kicks and lots of date nights with my baby daddy. Only 14 (give or take) more weekends as a party of two.


I feel her all the time! She is an active little thing. I can even see her movement from the outside now, which is so awesome. Whenever she starts moving a lot I just stare at my tummy and wonder what she is doing in there. I have tried to capture it on video for my mom but every time I get my phone out and start recording, she stops moving. She must be stubborn like her dad.

Nursery Progress:

It might not be a nursery just yet but baby girl has a room to call her own as of two days ago. Now to get some furniture and start decorating!

16 thoughts on “Baby A: Month 6 Bumpdate

  1. “I decided to ignore her” lol. Ah, I love walking that would be sad! At least you can still do some things. You’re so tiny no wonder your body’s having a hard time lol. Show us your new place!! (or is that weird to put on the internet haha? I guess I don’t even do that.) And have fun BUYING ALL THE THINGS!!!! xx

    • I love walking too and I keep going against the rules and paying the price, oh well. Haha I probably will do an apartment tour once things look a little more done. I did do one of our old apartment, so maybe I am just a weirdo. I am just always so curious about other people’s houses.

  2. Congrats on 6 months! Glad you’ve found a new place, everything sounds like it’s going great! Apart from sleeping. I hope that improves soon!

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