Hiking Bald Rock 

Last week I told you all about our mini getaway to the Granite Belt, but I only touched on our hike at Bald Rock National Park.

Just a thirty minute drive from our hotel in Tenterfield, I knew we had to check out this hike. Bald Rock National Park is just across the Queensland border, in New South Wales. On the Queensland side the park is called Girraween National Park. Both parks seemed to have awesome views and massive granite boulders, but we chose to just check out Bald Rock on this trip. Girraween, we will be coming for you next!


After our drive through the hilly countryside, we arrived at the campground and picnic area. Given it was a holiday weekend, there were quite a few families posted up shop, as well as others going to hike the trails.

I knew from my friends that there were two ways to get to the top- a short, but very steep way and a longer (but still pretty short) and flatter path. Given my current state we decide the easier route. ‘

Along the way there were all sorts of giant granite boulders in different formations. We couldn’t help stopping every few meters to take photos and explore around (and on top) of them.





Once we had walked through the bushland and got our fair share of photo ops, we began to ascend to the summit. At that point we got a little confused as to which path we were on, but it was still a fairly easy climb.


As we got closer to the top, we had to stop and take in all of the sights several times. We were really missing our DSLR then, but these average iPhone pics will just have to do.



We kept gong and were greeted by this sight. If you look closely you can see teeny tiny people walking along the track.




At the top was a guest book for people to sign. I took this picture of Trav signing and didn’t bother to look at what he wrote.


On our way back down we stopped again and he made me take a second look…


Cutest almost daddy ever. Can’t wait to tell her ( and show her) that she was at the top of Southern Hemisphere’s largest granite monolith one day.

My dad loves collecting rocks from his journeys, so we sent him this pic and told him we found one for him!


At the end of the hike, we coaxed a kind stranger into taking our picture so we don’t just have awkward solo pics.


The whole time we were up there it kept sprinkling on and off and by the time it was time to go down the clouds were awfully dark.

IMG_5547 (1)

We decided to take the short and steep way down. This picture doesn’t do it justice- it was REALLY steep. It was also REALLY short. We just went down the side of the rock and there we were in the carpark.


We couldn’t believe the difference in the two paths. We both agreed that we were glad we took the long way up because we would have missed out on all the different formations and the pretty bushland. The quick way was the the way to go down though, it took about 10 minutes. We were back in our car and ready for the next destination in under two hours. Talk about an efficient and well worth it adventure!

You can learn more about Bald Rock National Park on their website.

Linking up with some of my favorite lady bloggers (Lauren, Van, Isabel and Marcella) for their new Wanderful Wednesday link up! Check it out and show them some love. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Hiking Bald Rock 

  1. Wow, that place looks breath-taking! And those views! I can’t belive how big this rock looks like from your pictures and it probably is even bigger in reality. Definitely a place I’d love to visit!

  2. I love a good hiking post. this looks awesome and I also love a good picture that plays with depth perception and making things appear different than reality so i love the pictures of you guys “holding up” the rocks 🙂

  3. Courtney the fact that you are even still hiking “in your current state” is so impressive! Girl you never stop 😀 I can’t believe you took these pictures with an iPhone! They are so clear and beautiful! Looks like an awesome spot and that view is incredible! Baby A has already been to so many fun spots! 😀 Thanks so much for linking up with us and helping spread the word! You da bomb xoxox!

  4. One of the comments that I was already planning on making was that I think it will be a fantastic story to share with Baby Alkek that she went on such a phenomenal hike. Then, the guest book…oh, so cute!!

    • Aw yes I can’t wait to show her all the places she has been already. I actually overheard one of my students telling another one that he had been to London… when he was in his mom’s tummy and he was so proud of it.

  5. omg you just totally threw me back to high school with the mention of Girraween. There is a place in NSW (but closer to Sydney, not the border) called Girraween and a bunch of people I knew went to Girraween high school. Anyway… lol. This really looks super fun and amazing and I wish I had done things like this. So cool that you can show Baby Alkek these pictures and the guest book. And so nice of that kind stranger to take that awesome photo of the 3 of you 😉

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