Our Day at Springbrook National Park

We’re really spoiled living in Brisbane with the abundance of gorgeous national parks within a short drive. One such park we have known about for a while but hadn’t made it to was Springbrook. Last Saturday morning at breakfast we were deciding what to do with our day and decided it was finally time to cross it off our list.

We packed up lunch (and some snacks for a certain pregnant person that gets hangry easily) and hit the road.
It was just over an hour and a half before we got to the Natural Bridge section of the park. Parking was super easy and it was a short walk down to the natural bridge.

From there we went inside of the “bridge” which is really more of a cave to get another perspective.

After seeing signs about glow worms we are dying to go back when it’s dark. Then Travis found this picture online, and now we have to back.


Source: Remote Traveler

There are several different walks you can do around the different viewpoints of the bridge. The next place we went was up to the top where the water was flowing down.

After the natural bridge we drove around looking for a good place to stop for our picnic lunch. I couldn’t help snap a pic of this adorable red house. What a place to call home!

As we were driving around we saw sign after sign for cabins and cottages to rent. One of my co-workers told me she spent her honeymoon in one almost twenty years ago. It really was such a peaceful place, it would be perfect for a weekend away.


We stopped at a park to post up for lunch (ignore the public toilets in the background) and enjoy the crisp weather. It’s amazing how even just an hour away from Brisbane can feel like a completely different season. I love the hinterland for that reason, you can always count on it to be several degrees (celcius) cooler.


Next stop was Perlingbrook Falls. We started out walking around the top of the not so flowing falls. I can’t get over all of the massive fallen trees we come across on these hikes, we probably have 100 pictures of them. It wasn’t long before Travis convinced me to do the hike to the bottom.

I wasn’t sold on it, but I reluctantly agreed with the understanding that I had the right to complain non stop for the next week if I was sore.



The walk down wasn’t too bad and when we got to the bottom we were rewarded with this view.


(picture via snapchat: @courtneyalkek)

It was pretty chilly outside but people were still swimming in the water under the falls.


The walk is a circuit so as we continued we came across this neat hanging bridge. Of course Travis is a child and had to shake it.

After the falls we headed back to Brisbane worn out but excited to have found a new place to explore further. We’ve already found a couple more places within the park we want to visit. Who knows if we will get around to doing it in the next few months, so Baby A might just be coming along for the ride!


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20 thoughts on “Our Day at Springbrook National Park

  1. Wow, that’s so beautiful! Y’all definitely need to go back and see the glowworms because they look too cool to pass up! It looks like y’all had a great hike there, and it looks like it’d be perfect to take Baby A back to!

  2. oh my goodness. what an absolutely beautiful place! you have to go back and see the glow worms, how cool would that be! and i love that you can rent a cabin or whatnot. that would be amazing.

  3. Yes! I think I need to move to that red cottage asap. Seriously, even the public toilets look pretty! Good on you for doing that big walk, I hope you didn’t end up sore..!

  4. Gorgeous! It must be so nice to live somewhere so close to places that you can explore so easily, especially somewhere with waterfalls, that’s just wow! There is nothing like feeding the soul with a bit of nature 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Wanderful Wednesday! 🙂

  5. This park looks lovely! I love a good waterfall! And those Gloworms look wild! When you go back I’d love to see pictures of that … even though it’s kind of creepy 😛 .. Thanks for linking up for #WanderfulWednesday Courtney!!

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