Farewell Travel Tuesday

If you have been reading the blog in the past year, you might remember a little link up I helped host called Travel Tuesday. I’m not exactly sure how I first stumbled upon the link up back in my early blogging days, but I distinctively remember that it was the first place I found other blogs and bloggers that I felt like I had something in common with.


Well, for one reason or another the link up is coming to an end this week and the current hosts asked for former hosts and participants to share their favourite memories/blog posts/bloggers as one last hurrah. I can’t list all of the blogs that I’ve found through this link up, but it’s safe to say it’s the majority of my “Expat/Travel Blogs” tab on Bloglovin’. I even met up with one of them, Christine, while I was home for the holidays.
I feel like my list of places I want to go has increased ten fold since I started linking up with Travel Tuesday almost two years ago. To name just a few…

Courtney and Lauren both fueled my desire to add Spain to my 30 Before 30 list.


I didn’t know a single thing about Slovenia before I discovered Isabel’s blog, and now I’m dying to go.

Kaelene has me itching to go to Iceland and I am frequently showing Travis her pictures and now he’s on board too.


Marcella had me wishing my parents were still in London and now has me wanting to get back to South America with her posts on Chile.

There are SO many more wonderful bloggers that I didn’t mention too, and luckily you can still find them on a different day of the week. Former co-hosts Marcella, Lauren, Van and Isabel started the new Wanderful Wednesday link up a few weeks ago and you can find a lot of familiar travel Tuesday participants over there.
Before I sign off I figured I would share some of my favourite Travel Tuesday posts that bring back such fond memories of all the travel we have done in the past two years…

Our day at Elephant’s World in Thailand

I loved being able to share this wonderful experience and everything we learned, and who doesn’t love a post filled with elephant pics?!

Hanoi: A Photo Diary 

It’s no secret that Vietnam stole my heart, and Hanoi was an unexpected favourite for both Travis and I.

Sights of Bruges

I had to include this post because it was the first one I ever linked up and also because it still brings a lot of visitors to my neck of the woods. The photography is pretty sketchy as we had literally just gotten our camera and were a little over zealous with the filters, but it holds a soft spot.

10 Lessons from my First Year as an {adult} Expat 

Another popular post and also one of my favourites to write. As we near our second expat anniversary next month, I’m already thinking of what I could add to that list.


I’m so glad that I randomly stumbled upon this link up almost two years ago and got connected with such a great community of bloggers. I often tell Travis, “oh I know someone who lives/has been there” and then he soon realizes I’m just talking about another blogger I’ve never actually met. But in all seriousness, it really is one of my favourite things about blogging and what motivates me to keep showing up here and writing. So farewell Travel Tuesday, but hello Wanderful Wednesday and all the new people we will get to “meet” and places we will get to (virtually) explore!

26 thoughts on “Farewell Travel Tuesday

  1. I agree, this link up introduced me to soo many people and many more places I’d love to visit! I remember the first post of yours I ever read was your neighborhood tour one.

  2. Oh how sad! I loved the Travel Tuesday link up! I used it all the time when I was planning my Europe trip last year. And if I’m not mistaken it’s also how I stumbled on your blog! Which is funny considering I kinda feel like we met in college ( Go Bobcats) even though we didn’t! But I’m glad to know that the similar link up is still out there! Gotta blog all about my trip to DC this summer! 🙂

  3. So sad Travel Tuesday is ending. Even though I haven’t blogged in forever (still trying to get back into it lol), I would still occasionally stalk the linkup and see what everyone is up to. Just glad we got to be a part of it 🙂

  4. The Travel Tuesday was so awesome! I’m pretty sure that I found yours and Lauren’s blog through that amazing linkup! I’m so sad that it’s ending too, but I’m glad that Lauren started up the Wanderful Wednesday linkup so we can still travel around the world with other bloggers!

  5. We are definitely sad to see it go, but without an anchor host to keep things consistent, it seemed better to end it with a bang than let it die a slow death. A year ago (pre-baby), I would’ve gladly volunteered as host, but lil Gypsy and my high impact job keeps me too busy to even put much time towards co-hosting. Maybe #TT will be revived one day, who knows?! Thanks so much for linking up! I’d seen some of those posts of yours before, but am looking forward to reading the ones I’d missed. I’ll be seeing you on Wanderful Wednesday anyhow. 🙂

    • Yeah I understand. I could see it was heading that way when I co-hosted but I literally had just accepted a new job and found out I was pregnant, so I was not about to volunteer to take the reigns. Just co-hosting is a task in itself. See you on Wednesdays (and I will be picking your brain when it comes December and our long haul flight).

  6. Courtney, just read you’re about me page & we have another thing in common apart from a love for travelling! I teach in Australia too – year 3/4 in Melbourne. I blog mostly about teaching but would like to write more about our travels too ☺️

  7. Sad times, but I’m glad I met you through the link up. This was a lovely recap, and I think I’ve missed some of those posts so I’m going to head back and check them out now…

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