Baby A: Month 7 Bumpdate 

I can’t believe I only have two more of these left (depending on when baby girl decides to make her appearance, who knows if month 9 will get published).



How far along:

30 weeks and 3 days

Baby Size:

A cucumber, a large tub of ice cream… At my last appointment (almost 29 weeks) she was just at 2 lbs, I go again this week so we will see how much she’s grown.



  • Getting started on her nursery and buying more baby things now that we’ve moved in!


Just hanging out in the empty nursery the first week we moved in.

  • Finally deciding on her name. It’s actually the first name we both really agreed on when we first found out we were having a girl, but we wanted to be certain. Our family and friends all know, but I feel weird referring to her by name online when I haven’t even met her yet. I’m sure I will spill the beans sooner or later…
  • Passing my glucose test- bring on the gelato!
  • Day trip to Springbrook National Park, can’t wait to bring her there.


  • Labour, Delivery and Parenting class at the hospital. Spending 8 hours of our Sunday in class wasn’t ideal but we got to see where to go and what to do. It was crazy seeing the mamas and tiny babies walking around and knowing that I will be one of them in a few months!
  • My baby shower! My sweet friends threw me the most beautiful high tea baby shower on Sunday. I was sad back in February when we had to cancel our trip home/Mexico (dumb zika) because I wouldn’t get to have a shower with my family and friends back home. But my friends here (who are also like my family) really hit it out of the park with my Aussie shower. I can’t wait to share all the gorgeous pictures Emily Anne took later this week.


Maternity Clothes:

I finally broke and bought my first pair of maternity jeans last week. Up until now I’ve only had a pair my BFF gave me that I’m still growing in to and a couple pair of leggings my mom brought over. I found a really cute pair at H&M that I actually like more than my regular jeans, and I am now wearing them for the third day in a row. Most of my tops are still working, usually with a long tank underneath. Not sure what it says about my style that I wore my tops so loose pre-pregnancy that they are still working at 30 weeks.


Heartburn comes and goes, the biggest is back pain that’s pretty constant.


Ugh sleep is not my friend (and I realise it won’t be for a long while). We went to a class at the hospital with a physiotherapist and she gave some pointers on pillow arrangements etc that have helped some. I usually get up once to go pee and then can’t fall back asleep. This is usually the time that homegirl decides to start break dancing in my stomach.


Nothing too strong, I did have a craving for wafers (like the ones that come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) and we’ve kept the pantry stocked ever since. Good thing they literally cost .50 a pack.


Nothing really although black coffee still grosses me out.


? this past month they have slowed down quite a bit. I’m still having trouble with my pelvis/hips that seems to get aggravated by pretty much everything. I’m going to a pre-natal reformer Pilates class once a week which I really like. It’s taught by a physio and is only 4 people per class max so you get lots of one on one attention and she tailors the exercises to each persons pregnancy needs.

My plan is to go ahead and pause my gym membership and just get some free weights for the house. With my sleep as limited as it is I have not been getting up with Travis at 5 to go.

Missing Anything:

Eggs benedict and back pain free sleep

Looking Forward To:
  • Bi-weekly/weekly doctors appointments. No more waiting a month at a time to see my little girl!
  • School holidays and maternity leave starting so I can get organized and set up the nursery. My leave starts five weeks before my due date but the two weeks before are school holidays, so I have 7 weeks leading up to her arrival (give or take). At first I was really worried about getting bored during this time, but I have been leaving pretty much every chore to get done then. So I have quite a bit of errands to occupy my time.
  • Travis coming home! He hasn’t even left yet for his work class back in Texas (he leaves later this week), but I’m excited for him to come back a week later because he’s bringing back baby goodies including our stroller from my mom! Obviously I will be excited to see him because I will have missed him too, but that goes without saying.
  • I feel her moving around all the time, especially late at night and in the morning.
  • One afternoon during week 28 I felt her pressing up against my ribs so hard it hurt. I went to the doctor later in the week and it turns out she flipped herself over and was hanging out feet down (aka breech). I know that has to be what I felt. She’s been head down the whole pregnancy so I am hoping she flips herself back over by labor time!
  • I also have finally realized those little rythmic twitches I’ve been feeling are her hiccuping. Sometimes when I’m reading a book I rest it on my belly and all the sudden it’s bouncing up and down.
Nursery Progress:
  • We finally got some furniture! She now has a crib and rocker courtesy of an impulsive IKEA trip. We are going back for a dresser and shelves when Travis gets back.


  • After my shower this past weekend her little shelves are starting to fill up and it makes me so happy to walk in her room and see all the tiny baby things.

I will be back Friday to share all about my shower! Have a great rest of the week.

17 thoughts on “Baby A: Month 7 Bumpdate 

  1. Lindsay L Hess says:

    You look amazing, and so happy!! Is it weird that I am 1,000,000% with Chelsea’s and your pregnancies? Because I am. I’m just so happy for you!!

  2. Bah! I can’t believe it’s almost time. I cannot wait to hear what y’all have decided to name her! I loved n your last email to me that you almost spilled the beans. Too funny. Do you wonder if she’s gonna have an Australian accent at all? Lol I was wondering that as I was reading your post! Yay for you’re tea party baby shower! I’m excited to see all the pictures!

  3. Your shower looks like so much fun! It’s great that you were able to enjoy one even if it’s not what you initially had in mind. Your nursery looks like it’s really taking shape, things must be feeling so real now! Oh and I’m pretty sure my wardrobe would do pregnancy very well. I’m all about the loose tops!

  4. I’m thinking that the time has flown by, so I can’t even imagine what it feels like for you! Your baby shower looked so adorable, and you are seriously one of the cutest pregnant ladies ever! That’s so exciting that Travis will be bringing back baby goodies from home too!

    • It seriously has flown by, I’m so glad I decided to work full time this year because that definetly made time go by. I’m sad that he’s leaving me for a week but so excited to play with my new goodies when he gets back. My best friend is sending my gift with him and she has the best taste, so I’m dying to see what she got us!

  5. awww YAY! glad things are moving along and i cannot tell you how impressed i am that you still fit in your pre-pregnancy tops! nothing of mine fits (which may say that i tend to wear too tight of clothes before pregnancy ha!)

    yay for passing the glucose test – i do mine on friday so fingers crossed that i also pass!

    you are such a cute pregnant lady! how is that rocker from ikea? we checked it out but maybe i should consider it again?

    • Good luck on the glucose test, it really wasn’t that bad. I was worried about all the sweets I’ve consumed but my doctor said gestational diabetes isn’t caused by your diet. So far the rocker seems really comfy, we will see after many a late night feed though. I need to get a little fluffy ottoman still.

  6. awww the nursery looks great! i love that crib, and the rocker looks super comfy. i think i would feel weird sharing a name for a person i hadn’t met yet either lol. hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well and you are able to get all those errands done! 🙂

  7. Maternity pants are the BEST! I miss how comfy they are. And I was the same way with tops – I was able to wear my regular tops with a long Cami for the entirety of my pregnancy. ? Oh well, it saved on buying clothes!

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