My High Tea Baby Shower

I’ve said it over and over, but I have been so blessed in my friendships since we moved to Brisbane. The first two friends I made here were two American girls that had also just moved to Australia (separately). We met during a yoga class at a chain workout clothes store of all places. We instantly became friends and since none of us had started working, we spent our days wandering around Brisbane and exploring our new home.


Well almost two years later they are still some of my closest friends and we have shared so many great memories together. Almost immediately after I told them I was expecting, Emily Anne offered to throw a baby shower for me.

Sunday afternoon was said baby shower, and it was absolutely perfect. They rented out a function room for a high tea at a fancy restaurant in Brisbane’s South Bank area.



Everything from the adorable invites to the decor went a long with a classic Alice in Wonderland theme.



I loved being able to celebrate our little baby girl with co-workers and friends before she gets here.


My friend, Lauren, wasn’t able to make the shower because she was back in the US for a wedding, but she provided all of the decorations, favors and my favorite- this Alice in Wonderland painting on book pages. I can’t wait to hang it in her nursery!


My friend, Courtney, and her engineer husband created this amazing giant tea cup set out of tiny baby washcloths and receiving blankets.



We had the most delicious teas to choose from, but with the chilly weather outside I think the Cinammon Apple was the crowd favorite. Each course was delicious and I even got my own pregnancy friendly  selection. We were all so stuffed that we ended up with quite a bit dessert left over (I still have a little left in my freezer).


After eating we moved to the lounge part of the room to open gifts. Everyone brought a book instead of a card with notes to our sweet girl that I will cherish forever. There was definetly an Aussie theme going on, a wombat book and three copies of Possum Magic.


IMG_5972Courtney’s abstract artwork card courtesy of her 18th month old- we were all impressed!


Representing Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas with our token Aussie, Monique.


Monique is due in November and we are having so much fun going through pregnancy together. I can’t wait for our little babes to be friends!


After more tea, coffee, wine (for the non-pregnant set) and lots of baby talk, people headed home. Jenn and I hung around with Emily Anne and Ameilia to help pack up.


We decided we weren’t ready for the party to end so we moved locations outside to the rooftop bar. We bundled up by a heater and they enjoyed some sort of fancy hot spiced rum cocktail (which they said was quite tasty) and I settled on my current go to- hot chocolate.


Pretty sure the best part of the evening portion was when a couple young German backpackers started flirting with us and asked if we were out for a 21st. That’s when I proudly displayed my 30 week bump and informed them that we we would not be heading to the backpacker bar down the road. They were very sweet and even if they were just being polite, they made our late 20’s/early 30’s egos feel good.

By 7pm it was time to head home, heart and arms full (of gifts and leftover desserts). I can’t believe in only two short months these ladies will be meeting my daughter. I can’t wait!

Photo credit for every single picture goes to Emily Anne. I asked her to take pics because A. She’s way better than I am and B. I’m still only working with my iPhone (Trav is bringing back our DSLR with him). I love the way they turned out!

10 thoughts on “My High Tea Baby Shower

  1. Lindsay L Hess says:

    What a fun baby shower theme! I love it. So glad you had a good time and were thoroughly celebrated. 🙂

  2. This is the cutest idea for a baby shower! I’m a firm believer that all afternoon teas should be Alice in Wonderland themed. We actually have an Alice themed restaurant by me that does afternoon tea and it’s spectacular! It sounds like you have some pretty spectacular friends!

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