Day in the Life {Pregnant Teacher Edition} 

Day in the life posts are always my favorite to read on other blogs, but until now I haven’t cared to post my own. As my days at work are numbered it’s starting to hit me that this season of my life is about to be over. In two short months I’m going from working full-time as a teacher to being a full-time mom.

While I’m sure I will be returning to the classroom later on, I’m pretty certain this is the only time in my life that I’m in this particular position- pregnant and teaching in Australia. I wanted to document a typical day so I can remember this unique time. Plus I think it will be fun to look back on and compare teaching in different countries.


I wake up on my own without an alarm. I actually half woke up when Trav’s alarm went off to go to the gym an hour before, but I went back to sleep once we left. I lay in bed for a while because baby girl is moving around so much, I just want to lay there and feel her for a while.



After doing the mandatory social media scroll, checking my email and making the bed, I decided to find a pregnancy workout video since I haven’t been going to the gym. I used to go with Travis every morning but these days I’ve been opting for all the extra sleep I can get.



Right as I’m finishing my video, Travis gets home from spin class and I hop in the shower. While I’m in there he makes our breakfast- green smoothies (every single day for almost two years). Sidenote: he accidentally drinks mine and I’m stuck with his extra kale-y one ?.



After getting ready for work, I make a cup of coffee and get comfy for my morning quiet time. This is my favourite part of the day. I either do a she reads truth bible study or read whatever book we are doing for bible study (currently it’s Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love). Some days I get off track and run out of time for this ritual and it throws off my whole morning.


After I’m finished with my quiet time, I’m all bundled up and ready for work. It’s finally feeling like winter here and even though the high is around 21 today (70 f) the coat is necessary due to the serious wind this week. Also, I am just a big wimp when it comes to the cold.



T. swift on the radio and I’m heading to school



I got to school right at 8:30 to meet with my mentor about a lesson I have coming up. I used to try and get to work around 8-8:15 but lately I’ve been rocking up right before I get locked out of the staff lot (it closes at 8:30). If I do get locked out then I have to park at the pub next door which always amuses me.



First bell rings and my kids come in and start their quick write. They had so many sweet answers to this prompt, from donating the money to the homeless and cancer patients to giving to their parents as a thank you for taking care of them.


FYI you can buy this set of prompts in my teachers pay teachers store. Emily Anne and I collaborated on this product before her first year teaching in Australia. She came up with most of the prompts and I did the graphics and design part. My kids absolutely love them!


Usually I wait until 10 for fruit break but Baby A was hungry so we had it early today. While they ate I read Wonder to them- such a great book.



An hour and a half later it’s time for the first formal eating break (yes, you heard that right). There are no cafeterias so during the summer they eat under the buildings and when it cools off they eat in the sunshine. I have eating duty so I walk around and watch them eat for 15 minutes.



Finally my lunch time. I go eat my leftovers and chat in the staff room. I can’t ever eat in my classroom, I have to have a change of scenery and adult conversation to keep me sane. In the last few minutes I make copies and get my maternity leave paperwork to sign (!!!).



Accelerated Reader, Reading Groups and a maths (not math) test. So fun!


Time for second break, this time they get 10 minutes to eat and 20 minutes to play. Every month I have a Homework Club Party for the kids who did their homework all month. I had two kids absent last Thursday when we had the party so I let them have a makeup party with me today. We ate popcorn and watched Inside Out on Netflix.



Most of my class goes to religion (all public schools offer religion classes here) for the first thirty minutes. The kids that opt out go to class with me and work on a project. Once the rest of the kids get back they all work on their science projects.


Dismissal bell rings and off they go. Unlike in the US, the kids literally just leave. No dismissal duty for me! There are no school buses so parents either wait for their kids outside or the kids walk, bike or take public transport home.


After making a cup of coffee (my second of my allotted two for the day) and chatting with my principal in the office, I hunker down in my office to work on report cards. It’s impossible for me to do school work at home so once or twice a week I try to stay later and get everything done.



Building locked up and I’m the last teacher to leave school ?



Back at home I have my after school snack and finishing up my Month 7 Bumpdate post. Also exciting news- the diaper bag my grandma ordered me from Amazon on Friday has already been attempted to be delivered! I change the delivery address to my school so hopefully I will get it tomorrow. I’m in shock though, it normally takes weeks to get anything delivered from the states.



Travis has a work dinner so I get cozy on the couch and watch Gilmore girls, read blogs and start typing this post on my phone. Normally around this time I start dinner and Trav would get home from work.



Eating a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner (my favourite lately) and watching Monica and Chandler’s wedding. I remember when this episode came out when I was in junior high. Why is it Friends reruns never get old?



Apparently I still haven’t eaten enough today because I decide to pour a bowl (or two) of cereal for “dessert” as I catch up on the US Bachelorette. Love that Katy, Texas is being represented so well!



After more reality TV and reading, Trav gets home from his dinner and it is time to hit the hay! Normal nights we get in bed around 9:30 but when no one is home to tell me to get off the couch and get to bed I tend to stay up later.

Well I hope you didn’t fall asleep reading about my eventful life. I promise some days I do more than eat and stare at screens! This was just a plain, old day which is exactly what I wanted to capture. I can’t wait to see what the Day in the Life {New Mom Edition} will look like!

20 thoughts on “Day in the Life {Pregnant Teacher Edition} 

  1. I always love a day in the life posts too! I think that they’re so interesting to see what other people’s days are like when they’re working. It’s also really interesting to hear how different school is in Australia versus here in the States.
    P.S. I’m also loving the great Texas representation on The Bachelorette this season! I love James Taylor from Katy!

    • Yeah teaching here is definetly a whole different experience and sometimes I forget the differences until I write them down or send a friend back home a picture. I’m glad he’s still going strong. We are the same age but I don’t think I went to high school with him.

  2. hahaha i go to bed earlier than you lol. friends reruns definitely never get old! the whole chandler and monica everything is my favourite, the wedding, the proposal, the dating, i love them two so much. i love that there is a pub next to your school. and girl i am a wimp with the cold as well, isn’t it funny how quickly you climatise and get used to it though? like 70 is still cold to me, but i can handle 40 a lot better in the winter when i know 30s or below are coming, and i could never handle that at home. also, i have cereal for dinner AND dessert hahaha. oops. also, now i want a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. yum!

    • I literally watch Gilmore Girls and Friends every day after school even though I’ve seen all the episodes a million times. I remember when we moved here during winter I wore my boots once and never wore my pea coats. Now I feel like anytime its 70 or lower I have them on. It snowed in Queensland this weekend!

  3. I also love reading Day in the Life posts! I find the routines of others so interesting, I wrote a post on morning routines once and it had so many fascinating comments. I’m also craving more of a routine at the moment (over a year of travelling has finally started to get to me!) so I’m kind of envious reading this 🙂 I’ve also always been kind of interested in being a teacher so I love hearing about what the job actually entails. Great post!

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