Favorite Pregnancy Resources

Hi friends!

When I first found out I was pregnant I was on the hunt for ALL of the information I could find. After checking out or putting on hold pretty much every pregnancy related book in the library and reading every article/blog post I could find on Pinterest, I had slight information overload. I also realized that even though opinions may vary, a lot of it was repeat information. So now that I have done a lot of my own research I figured I would share my favorite pregnancy resources for all things baby and bump so far. Let me know if you have any others I should check out!



Expecting Better


I always heard that What to Expect.. was really overwhelming and a little scary so I wanted something else to read. I read about this book on several top pregnancy book lists online and got it from my library and I am so glad I did. I quote this book ALL THE TIME. It is written by an economist who wanted to study the real statistics behind all things fertility, pregnancy etc. She looked at tons of research and studies and found actual statistics for all that vague advice that you are given then minute you announce your pregnant. If you are an anxious person at all I would recommend this book especially, it makes you feel a lot more at ease about so many things once you know the actual facts.

Up The Duff


This is an Australian pregnancy book, and it is sooo funny. I often find myself laughing out loud or reading parts to Trav. It goes week by week of your pregnancy and the first part is a “diary” by a fictional character and the second part is relevant information for that week of pregnancy. It’s not only hilarious, but it also has lots of good information and resources. It’s all interesting to compare to the American pregnancy information that I read.

The Expectant Father


Travis actually ordered this book for himself when we found out we were having a baby. At first glance I wasn’t sure how much of it he would actually he would read because it looked pretty dense. But he actually flew through it so fast he had to stop because he was ahead of where we were (it’s organized by the months of pregnancy). He is always sharing little tidbits that he has learned from here.

Registry Information:

Baby List

Since we are getting things for ourselves and from others from two different continents I wanted to use a site that allows you to choose things from different stores online. A couple of my friends back home used this one recently and really liked it. They also have SO much helpful information online and in the app about what you need (and how much), product reviews and sample registries to look at. I also like that people can shop around prices of items all within your registry.

Lucie’s List

I am all about checking reviews and reading as much as I can about things before making a decision (at least with expensive stuff, impulse purchases at the register are a completely different story). Lucie’s List has lots of practical information and the reviews sound like they are coming from your best friend not a boring advertiser. I also find lots of useful information in their e-mail newsletters, which I would typically just delete from other sites.


Baby Bump


There are a million like this where you can keep up with your pregnancy and I doubt they differ too much. I chose this one based on the rating in the app store. I use this mostly to store my pictures and read the weekly updates, some of the daily “advice” is a little silly. Make sure you stay off those message boards too, those can be unerving.



This is like Tinder for Names, you pair up with your partner and swipe right and left on baby names and it tells you your matches. It is really fun but the app itself can be pretty glitchy.

Baby Pics


This is where I get the cute graphics to put on my weekly pics (as seen above) for my bumpdates, they have tons of cute pregnancy/baby related ones I can’t wait to use after Baby A is here too!

Fellow Bloggers:

One of my favorite things is reading other bloggers pregnancy updates (even before I was pregnant but obviously now I am way more interested). Some other currently knocked up bloggers I am following, all of which I was following before the got pregnant, which made it even more exciting:

Caitlin at Confessions of a Northern Belle

Chelsea at The New Wifestyle

Keep Calm and Carry On

Emi at The Well Traveled Wife (Emi has the most amazing collection of bump pics taken all over the world)

Becca at Becca Dorr 

Ali Fedotowsky at Ali Luvs (the bachelor franchise has a lot pregnancies right now but I really like Ali’s blog for her maternity fashion tips and pregnancy updates)

Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers (Julie actually had her baby last August and I loved following along back then and now I still go back and re-read he old Bumpdates)

Hopefully some of you found this list helpful, I will be back on Friday with another pregnancy resource- an awesome, informative guest post on traveling while pregnant. Have a great rest of the week!

15 thoughts on “Favorite Pregnancy Resources

  1. Okay this is so sweet that HE bought that book AND READ IT! That is awesome. And is it weird that I follow a lot of those fellow soon-to-be Mom blogs lol? I feel like I’m not part of the club yet but I am INTRIGUED and I love it!

    • I thought so too! I totally thought my BFF had bought them because I just got a package in the mail from Amazon with no name. I was the same way before we were even talking about getting pregnant. I loved reading all the bumpdates and other posts.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! The Baby Name app is totally how we named ours. It was so much easier than looking at long lists! And Expecting Better was my favorite read, too.

    • I actually read about the app on your blog! It was so fun. One day I was at work and I knew Travis was at the airport waiting on a flight when I got like a million notifications about him liking names. I was cracking up because I knew to anyone watching him it would look like he was just on tinder, if they only knew…

  3. It seems like the pregnancy/parenting blog community is so strong, and how cool is it that some people you were following already are also pregnant at the same time as you! Also those graphics for the weekly photos are so cool, definitely go crazy with the baby pics ones!

  4. so much info! i pinned this for future (future future!) use lol. i sometimes like to read things about pregnancy or whatnot, in the hope that it won’t be too much information overload when the time comes, but normally i get overwhelmed and stop reading haha. that first book sounds awesome! i have seen copies of what to expect at bookstores and holy huge! so much info.

  5. Okay I needed to see this before now!! So many good resources, and my favorite part is the comparing of the bump size to a tub of ice cream! Haha much more accurate than fruits and veggies they always list 🙂


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