Traveling While Pregnant

Hey guys, today I have a great guest post to share with you. It covers one of the first things I began researching when I found out I was pregnant- traveling.

Important health tips for pregnant travellers

As plenty of hormonal and physical changes happen to a woman while she’s pregnant, stress can easily affect them, so many doctors suggest taking a vacation before their 36th week. Most people call this holiday as ‘babymoon,’ where moms get a vacation like they are in their honeymoon. In fact, a research featured by Daily Mail said that air travelling poses no risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies, thus mom-to-bes shouldn’t worry about travelling so long as they have prepared for it.

In this post, we will help you out in planning your trip properly to ensure you stay comfortable while keeping your bun safe in the oven.

Visit your OB

The initial step to ensure your safety and health before your trip is by visiting your doctor’s office weeks before your scheduled travel. Depending on the destination you opt to visit, your GP may suggest particular vaccinations to keep you and your baby safe. Not all vaccines are safe for you. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said its ideal to get your vaccinations at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip. Take note that vaccination is necessary to ensure your safety, especially since issues related to Zika virus is apparent in certain locations.

Pack first-aid and vitamins

Aside from choosing the right clothes for your trip, there are important items pregnant women need to pack to ensure they stay comfortable throughout their trip, especially if they will be going on a long journey to reach their destination. First, create a list so you won’t miss any important items. Second, consider the following items in your hand-carry bag to ensure you stay comfortable: water bottle, compression socks, pregnancy vitamins, Panadol, antacids, tissues, dry crackers and ginger lollies. Lastly, pack light clothes and consider layering if you will be going to a cold place instead of taking your heavy and bulky jackets to keep you warm. You must avoid getting common illnesses due to a change in weather (cough, running nose and fever).

Get  Travel Insurance

Although you’ve already received a go-signal from your GP about your next travel, you are never really ready about your trip unless you leave your home with a comprehensive travel insurance. Research found that a lot of holidaymakers still travel without it, as many of them think they won’t encounter any problem while overseas. However, accidents can happen anytime to anyone and the only way to prepare for it is by having a comprehensive insurance. According to a travel guide for pregnant women;  getting travel insurance is just as important as getting a vaccination as it covers you from overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation fees, luggage and personal effects, and accommodation and travel expenses. So, before packing your bags, find a reliable travel insurance provider that provides full coverage and considers your current state.

Follow a strict diet

Whilst a travel experience is never complete without trying out local dishes, pregnant moms should  continue looking after their diet at all times. It will help you stay well while enjoying some local flavours brought by fresh fruit and vegetables in the area, avoiding diarrhea and tummy aches that can ruin your whole trip. Consider packing plenty of healthy snacks that you can munch on while on your way there, like cereal bars, dried fruits and wholemeal biscuits. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but always consume clean liquid from bottled drinks as some destinations still have problems with their drinking water.

Staying safe while travelling is a must for everybody, especially for moms who have a bun in the oven. At the end of the day, it’s important to have fun and enjoy in your vacation. Expecting mothers need it more than anyone else. Let go of stress and have a great time out there.

Several of these pointers really rang true to me, especially the part on travel insurance (and no, this is not an ad for travel insurance). In case you missed the post on how we found out, I was 8 weeks pregnant and in the US without insurance when I got that positive test. That’s when I learned the hard way the need to always get travel insurance.
Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post and was written by a guest author.

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