A Quiet Brisbane Weekend

The past two weekends Travis was back in Texas for work, and was surprisingly busy the whole time. Since he returned home last week I was looking forward to having a quiet weekend at home together.

Last week was pretty much a whirlwind since it was also my last week at work. I spent pretty much every waking moment running around like a crazy person trying to tie up loose ends and get everything ready for the teacher who is taking over my class. By Friday I was absolutely exhausted. It also didn’t help that my sleep was even more inconsistent due to my sick and jet lagged husband getting up in the wee hours of the night (just preparation for the near future, I suppose…).

I had already told my class that they could bring in board games for the end of the day to celebrate earning 10 compliments from fellow staff members/end of the term party. I had, however, been tipped off that they had a little surprise in store for me and I would have to leave the room for a few minutes after the break.

During middle session I had them write parenting advice for me. It was so cute. I bound them all together for the nursery for some light reading during a feed or nap.


While I took a “walk” around the school with one of my sweet little girls, the rest of the class set up the classroom for a surprise going away party/baby shower. When I came in they all jumped up and shouted “surprise!” and immediately ushered me to my special seat at the center of the room.

They had an MC coordinating the rest of the party and had specific students present me with a class card, a speech and then a very enthusiastic round of (early) Happy Birthday for Baby A.


Quite a few of them had brought in baby gifts and some special treats (chocolate and gummy worms) for me. They were too cute as I opened everything, they would “awww” and go on and on about how tiny everything was like a bunch of old ladies at a baby shower. It was the sweetest thing ever and the perfect way to wrap up my time with them. We are now on our two week winter break, and when they come back I will be starting my maternity leave for the rest of the year.

Needless to say after that, I was home and in bed by 8:30 without even eating dinner.

Saturday morning we followed our normal routine of being lazy around the house all morning before heading to our neighborhood farmer’s market to load up on fruits and veggies for the week. After a brief cat nap on the couch, Travis decided we needed to get out of the house and enjoy the perfect sunny winter’s day.


We decided to just head to one of the bay side Brisbane neighborhoods for some sunshine and fish and chips. The weather was just perfect and we enjoyed walking along the water and people watching on the pier. There were lots of families out and about in the parks, which made me even more excited that next time we will most likely have our little one with us.


That night Travis had a planned a date night in one of our favorite Brisbane neighborhoods, The West End. The area is known for being pretty eclectic and quirky. We had walked past a restaurant called London Fields a few months ago and had been meaning to try it out. We get really stuck in our routines and just go to places in walking distance that we often forget about all the other options Brisbane has to offer.

London Fields was a really cool place. It’s in an revamped old building adjacent to The Stores, an upmarket locally sourced grocer that is also on my list to check out now (mostly because look at that cheese selection!!) and just above the store is the Health Place which I gleefully learned offers pregnancy massages! I told Travis we need to meet there for lunch one day while I am off and then I can get a massage :).


Source: MustDoBrisbane


Source: MustDoBrisbane


Source: MustDoBrisbane

I get way too awkward taking pictures, so these are some I stole from the MustDoBrisbane website. The food was really good and we topped off our meals with our own dessert beverages- fortified wine for him and hot chocolate for me. We are really trying to make the most of our last weekends with just the two of us.

Sunday morning was  a chilly one, so we (I) decided to forgo to ferry ride to church and just drive there. I then begged Travis to take me to IKEA afterwards to get the last remaining pieces of furniture for the nursery. He reluctantly agreed, but I later realized he had an ulterior motive- finally trying the Swedish sausages.


Very anti-climactic. After the shortest IKEA trip in history we decided to make a pit stop at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs on the way home. You might recognize this as the place that we went abseiling (or repelling) for Trav’s birthday last year. We got a coffee from the cafe and walked around enjoying the views of the Brisbane river and skyline. 


We also spotted this pretty Anglican church and of course had to go check it out. I feel like we are always finding old churches on our adventures.


Don’t mind that all my pictures are straight from Snapchat, it is pretty much the only way I document anything these days (username is courtneyalkek if you are nosey).

That afternoon Trav won dad of the year and immediately put together baby girl’s furniture while I finally tackled cleaning out and (somewhat) organizing her room. Nesting is beginning!

Was this the most exciting weekend ever? Probably not, but it was perfect to me. Sometimes you just need to slow down, enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the little things around you.

18 thoughts on “A Quiet Brisbane Weekend

  1. I can’t get over how adorable your students are!! Such a sweet party :). Also, that cheese place looks amazing. I’m going to have to go when I come up to stalk you and LBA once she’s here ;).

  2. I 100% agree with you that sometimes all you need is a quite weekend at home after you’ve been going for so long! Your students were seriously so sweet to throw you a baby shower before they went on break, and I love that you had them give you parenting advice! I’m sure that there’s some really funny ones in there!

  3. Oh my gosh how sweet of your students to give you a mini baby shower! And I love their baby advice. Especially the one that says, ” Don’t be consistently giving her things or else she might get ungrateful.” So funny. Quite weekends are some of my favorites! Can’t wait to see the nursery! 🙂

  4. i totally do the same thing with snapchat hahaha no shame. how adorable and sweet are your students? that is awesome. i love a good quiet weekend, way more than i like a busy one that’s for sure. i’ve never had food at ikea 😐 the closest one here is like 3 hours away lol

  5. ohhh my goodness that parental advice is seriously the best! good idea about not too much sugar and the right politicians haha that cracked me up (and is solid advice)! glad travis is back home and you are wrapping up the final pieces of preparation YAY!

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