Recipe Recap: June

Hi friends! It’s that time of the month again…


I feel like June was a good month for trying new recipes and finding some keepers. Here are our favorites… 

Easy Chicken and Dumplings via The Weary Chef


The cooler weather put me in the mood for some chicken and dumplings (apparently this is not a thing in Australia). I was super excited to find Bisquick at my local grocery store, I thought I was going to have to go old school since they usually don’t have it. This recipe is really easy and delicious, so much so that we made it twice this month! Plus it doesn’t have any cream or butter which makes me feel less guilty about those doughy dumplings.

Potato Leek Soup via Wholesomely Homemade 


Can you tell a trend here? Winter comfort food! Another really simple and yummy meal that was easy to throw together after work. I love a recipe that keeps the ingredient list short.

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes via BBritnell


Sweet potatoes are my go to meal for when Travis is out of town because they are easy for one person and he doesn’t like them 🙂 . This recipe caught my eye because it included quite a few of my favorite things: black beans, avocado, cilantro, and greek yogurt (I used that instead of the cashew sauce) AND they are healthy. Win, win. Also, if you are lazy like me you can bake your taters in the microwave and shave off some time.

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce via Pinch of Yum


I feel like I can never go wrong choosing a recipe from Pinch of Yum to try out. Sidetone: I once heard Lindsay interviewed on a podcast and she was super cute and used to be a fourth grade teacher, so I like her even more. This recipe is going to be a staple at our house for the sauce alone. The roasted red pepper sauce is SO GOOD. So good we used leftovers on our breakfast two days in a row (breakfast tacos and avo/egg on toast), so good that people at work were eyeing it and asking about it, so good that I am actually daydreaming about it now.

So if that isn’t a selling point then I don’t know what is. We love anything Mediterranean or with quinoa so the bowls were an easy win for us, but the sauce put them over the edge into the repeat category.

Well that’s all for this month’s roundup, Travis was gone for half of the month so I consumed mostly cereal and sandwiches for those two weeks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are going to be hanging out at our neighborhood festival for the 4th of July weekend for the second year in a row.

13 thoughts on “Recipe Recap: June

  1. Haha totally with you on the cereal and sandwiches whilst your husband is away! I do quite like cooking but when S is away I go totally to pot. For me it’s a lot of yoghurt and toast 🙂 Off to work out if I can make that chicken and dumplings recipe gluten free…

  2. i was gonna say, i have seen chicken and dumplings but i actually have no idea what a dumpling is haha. it looks yummy though! and those sweet taters.. yum. i would eat cereal for dinner every night if i could. i mean i can… but i shouldn’t.

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