Friday Favorites: Date Night Edition

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great week.

It was pretty uneventful over here, but waking up to the news from Nice this morning was not the way I expected it to end. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims’ families around the world. There is way too much evil in this world ya’ll. Hold your loved ones close tonight.

On a lighter note, time is FLYING by over here (at least for me). I can not believe that I have already been off of work for 3 weeks and there’s only three more until it’s baby time. I honestly can’t really tell you what I have been doing with my spare time other than not crossing things off of my to do list and methodically killing every plant in our herb garden.

Now that we have a date that Baby A will be joining us (21 days at the latest, not that I am counting) we are really trying to make the most of our time as a twosome. Here are my favorite memories from the past week…

Last Friday I met Travis in the city and we hopped over the river to South Bank. South Bank is probably the most touristy part of Brisbane. It’s also where all the museums, theaters and giant ferris wheel are located. There are a lot of restaurants along the river and parkland, and at night the area is pretty lively. On the weekends they also have a market set up with mostly handmade goods and a few food stalls.

Since I only took one picture that night here are some pictures I took the other day after meeting a friend and her daughter at the (really awesome) playground in the parklands.


We have never been too impressed with the restaurants in the area (the only one we really liked closed), but one of my friends had mentioned that there was a stall with really cute prints that might work for the nursery so that was my real motive for wanting to spend our evening there.


Unfortunately we didn’t find any keepers but it was still fun strolling through the market before dinner. We decided to try an Indian restaurant and it turned out to be really good, so maybe we should always go in to meals with low expectations.

The next morning we went to the farmer’s market then decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and perch at the cafe along the river for a bit before heading home on the ferry.


After lunch we were trying to find somewhere new to explore. Our two problems were a. car rides longer than 20/30 minutes are no fun for me and my growing belly and b. too much walking (especially uphill aka hikes) aggravate my hips. I am so high maintenance. So where else would we go when I am 35 weeks pregnant and less mobile? The local winery of course.

Oh and somewhere in between lunch and leaving for the winery, Travis decided to say farewell to his beard with a few new styles in between…


We have been wanting to visit Sirromet since we moved here two years ago. It is the only “local” winery in Brisbane (about 25 minutes from the city) and everyone talks about how there are kangaroos everywhere. For some reason we had never made it out there though.

So we hopped in the car and headed to Mt. Cotton to check it out not really knowing what we were going to do there. We pulled up and realized the property is HUGE. There are multiple restaurants, wedding venues, a nine hole golf course, Bed and Breakfast and plenty of rolling hills everywhere you look. The place was pretty packed and there were families and other large groups everywhere. As one employee put it “the perfect place to kill a Saturday afternoon”.

Travis did a tasting and we chatted with the Sommelier for a while. The two things I learned were

1. Sirromet is TE Morris, who started the winery when some of his winemaker friends from Victoria said that you couldn’t make good wine in the Queensland climate.

2. Almost all of their grapes are not grown on the property but several hours away in the Granite Belt.


After the tasting we explored the grounds and listened to live music coming from the outdoor stage. There were quite a few kids sliding down the hills on wine boxes and I was surprised that Travis didn’t try and join them. We did notice some small kangaroos in the distance and so we decided to go check them out. As we walked further down the hill we realized there were TONS of them.

We found this little momma and her joey. I wish we had brought our real camera because my iPhone zoomed photography is pretty sketchy.


Before we left Travis wanted to get an awkward solo bump pic of me…


Luckily a stranger saved me and offered to take a picture of both of us. I feel like we never have non-selfie pictures of the two of us so I was doubly grateful.


That night we went on a double date with another couple that is expecting a little girl two weeks after us. It was fun to chat with them since we are in the exact same stage of life, plus they gave us pointers on installing the dreaded car seat.

Wednesday morning Travis texted me at 9am asking what was for dinner. I thought that was weird but I answered him to which he replied “I don’t think that is what is says on the menu board.” I immediately went to the board to take a picture to prove him wrong when I noticed he had made an amendment to my scheduled meal…


He told me to pick out a restaurant for dinner and that he had plans for after. For the record we never go out to dinner during the week unless it is a special occasion. We tend to eat out a lot over the weekends, but always try and cook healthy meals at home Sunday to Thursday. So this was quite a surprise.

We tried to try out a new Italian place (give me all the carbs right now) and then Trav tried to unsuccessfully convince me that we were going lawn bowling as the surprise. I actually do want to try that but it was cold outside and I was already worn out from the walk to dinner, so I was not biting. His surprise ended up being tickets to see Me Before You because he knew I had been wanting to see it (I loved the book).

Since our dinner was quick, we had to kill an hour and I found the perfect way to do it…



We both had to get coffees to stay awake for the 9pm showing, and obviously it wasn’t as good as the book but I still loved it and cried at the end. It was the perfect surprise date night. I think I need one every week for the next three :).

That’s all for this week, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Date Night Edition

  1. I love that you got to explore that area of Brisbane, even if you didn’t find any prints for the nursery! And I still say that one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday is at a winery, and that’s so cool that y’all found kangaroos! I would have been taking a ton of pictures of them too! And hooray for spontaneous date night! I love when guys just surprise us like that!

    • I love the atmosphere at wineries too even when I’m not partaking. My parents are looking at building a house in the hill country and they keep telling me about all the wineries like I didn’t know. From your blog alone I feel like I’ve learned about so many! ☺️

  2. oh that is so so sweet about surprise date night – made my eyes misty (thanks pregnancy). i can’t find your snapcode but obviously need to be following along! what is it? glad you are fully enjoying the two of you while it’s still ‘two of you!’ yay!

  3. Oh my gosh I didn’t know that you had a date?! That makes it sort of exciting to count down. (And also slightly terrifying haha. But to be honest, that’s how I’d want to do it. Just me.) And hahaha seriously the beard pic? Did he send you those by himself lol? And the “date night” thing, haha. I find him so funny. You guys are going to be such fun parents.

    • Eek yeah homegirl is still upside down (I guess technically she’s right side up really) so we have a C section scheduled for the end of week 38. I’m such a planner and not a surprise person so that aspect of it is nice. Hopefully she just stays out until then. Haha no I documented his loss of facial hair on snap and that was just one of the pics. I think that everything he does is so funny. He definetly keeps me entertained.

  4. What a lovely surprise! I’m sure it was nothing to do with the sweet potatoes… And the winery looks like fun, seems like a whole big to-do out there. Those wallabies/roos are adorable! PS what is the difference and how can you tell them apart eg from afar in a winery….!?

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