Weekending: The Final Countdown 

We are in the home stretch and Baby A will be joining us any day now. This past weekend was our last weekend as a party of two and we wanted to make the most of our time together.

The weekend celebrations started on Thursday when we went out to dinner to celebrate our third anniversary (it was actually Wednesday but Travis was out of town for work). We wanted to try somewhere new so I turned to good ole Google and looked up Brisbane date night restaurants. We decided to try out Nickel Kitchen & Bar, a newer restaurant nearby our apartment. The decor was gorgeous and my favorite was the giant wine glass chandelier that I think we need for our future home.


We had such a lovely date night with delicious food, wine (for one of us) and Trav even surprised me with diamond studs for an anniversary/push gift. They are the first big jewelry gift I’ve gotten since our wedding and I love them so much and the significance they hold.

Friday night we continued our normal tradition of me meeting up with Trav for date night dinner after work. We are trying to get to all our favorite restaurants before baby comes and it will harder to get out. No pictures were taken but it was a pretty standard date night.

Saturday I wanted to have a typical weekend morning so we had our lazy morning, face timed with our grandparents and headed out to the farmer’s market. Afterwards we tried to come up with something fun to do outside since the weather was perfect.


We decided to go further down the river to the Regatta Hotel for the Regatta Fair which was advertised as a food and drink festival. The Fair was pretty much a bust and only had a handful of stalls in a tiny alleyway, so we headed up to their beer garden called the Boatshed. The Regatta has several different bars and restaurants within one building, and my favorite fact is that in 1965 two women chained themselves to the bar to protest only men being able to drink in public bars. We hung out in the sunshine and reminisced about the last time we were there on Trav’s birthday almost one year ago.

It wasn’t too long before we decided to head home and come up with a plan for the rest of the evening. We were torn between watching a guy juggle fire at the Eat Street Markets (a weekly food truck market I have mentioned here) or check out the Night Noodle Markets on their last night.

I was planning on going to the noodle markets earlier in the week but it fell through so I decided we should go there. We went to the one in Melbourne last November but Travis hadn’t been to Brisbane’s and I hadn’t gone since I went with my brother right after we moved here two years ago.

I probably should have stuck to my instincts and gone during the week though, because it was so packed. The lines were sooo long and there were people everywhere. We ate some good noodles, took a few pictures and quickly got out of the chaos.

We strolled around South Bank and I picked up dessert from one of my favorite bakeries, Chester Street (the original is down the street from our apt).


We also got sucked into watching a street performer escape from chains and a straight jacket. In the end he just dislocated his shoulder to get out and it kinda made me want to lose my noodles.


I wanted to take the ferry home because it’s so pretty at night with the city and bridges all lit up. It added about 40 minutes to our commute but I didn’t mind at all.

Sidenote: we saw the most people ever staring into their phones like zombies along the riverfront playing Pokemon Go. I don’t get it. There were a million things going on in South Bank that night, markets, live music, magic shows etc. and yet they were all just memorized by this app.

Well if you thought all of our weekend events ended there- you are mistaken. Sunday we got up and ferried to and from church and in the meantime the temperature went up about ten degrees (Celsius- that’s a lot). It was really warm and sunny out so we quickly changed clothes and headed to the James Street Food and Wine Trail for lunch.


James Street is an upscale shopping and restaurant area several blocks from where we live, but we don’t venture over there too often. For the event they had the street blocked off and all the local restaurants had tents set up serving different offerings of food and drink. They also had live music and different booths set up for kids. The crowd was the perfect size (and the best dressed of any festival I’ve been to) and none of the lines were too long. I also had to laugh because since it is such a nice area, all of the tables set up had center pieces on them and were decorated.


Once we were done eating we weren’t ready to go home so we walked down to Sixes and Sevens, which can be quite a social hot spot, to sit outside and hang out. The bartender hooked me up with a delicious mocktail with mint and strawberries in it. I had to laugh at how funny I must have looked hanging out a bar with my big belly surrounded by all these people drinking champagne and fancy drinks. We met up with one of our friends for a while and it was humorous to watch people’s eyes go wide when I told them I was having a baby this week.


By 5pm we were ready to call it a weekend and hit the hay and we both passed out on the couch not long after we walked in the door. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty sore and exhausted today from such a full on weekend. I wouldn’t take anything back though as we had such a fun weekend together in the city that we love. It was fun seeing all the babies and young families everywhere we went (even at Sixes and Sevens) knowing that was going to be us soon.

Linking up with Biana for Weekending today and come back later in the week because I have one more Bumpdate left to share before the big day!

12 thoughts on “Weekending: The Final Countdown 

  1. Omg I do not get this Pokemon Go thing either?!?!? Don’t they look ridiculous… although it makes me feel more self conscious though when using my in public… (ie do I look like that too!) My snapchat name is lvsmall. I love using it. Good luck with the final days and enjoy it all before Baby A comes 🙂

    • Me too! I was checking my email on my phone the other day and an older lady goes “you aren’t playing that Pokemon game are you?” I just saw on the news here they are talking about fining pedestrians for using their phones while crossing streets etc because pedestrian deaths here have gone up 14% in the past year!! So crazy and I am adding you on snap right now ☺️.

  2. Talk about ending your pregnancy on a very fun filled and activity filled weekend! All of your date nights and activities look like so much fun! I definitely would have been all over that noodle markets, and it sucks that everything was so busy for y’all! I hope that you’re able to recuperate today!

  3. I’m so impressed that you’re out and about so close to your due date. Most of my friends who’ve had babies pretty much stayed home the last week leading up their due date! GO YOU!! One of my bestie’s had her baby a month early and she is just the cutest. I cannot wait to see picture your your little one! Enjoy the last week girlie! 🙂

  4. dislocated his shoulder?!?!!?! ew. ew ew ew. i dislocate my knee often (not on purpose) and it does not tickle. i hate going to things that are super busy, it’s inevitable sometimes but they just make me not enjoy whatever i am supposed to be enjoying. and i am with you on pokemon go… i loved pokemon as a kid/teenager, but i don’t want to play this game. people are arguing that it’s getting them outside or walking, well good for you… just what we needed, more people out in public staring at their phones, like we don’t have that enough with taking photos/instagram/snapchat/facebook etc. i really hope people get over it soon!

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