Baby A: Month 9 Bumpdate 

Here it is, the very last Bumpdate for Baby A. It’s a little shorter than normal (3 and half weeks) because if all goes to plan I won’t be making it to 39 weeks before we meet our little girl. I’m actually surprised how quickly this last month has gone by, since everyone has told me how it would drag on.

How far along:

38 weeks and 5 days

Baby Size:

a cake? the doctor estimates around 7 pounds



  • Getting the car seat installed and all the final nesting for her arrival.


  • My mom getting here and showering me with sweet baby gifts from friends back home. Some even from her friends I don’t even know. Everyone’s excitement for our little baby makes my heart so happy.


  • Finishing up the nursery (I promise to share soon!)
Maternity Clothes:

I feel like I’m even growing out of these. I pretty much find an outfit that fits and get as much mileage out of it as I can.

  • Overall just uncomfortableness, I feel so large.
  • I had my first experience with swelling on my hands, legs and feet now that we’ve had some unseasonably hot days. Not fun at all (I cried). Hats off to everyone pregnant in the Northern Hemisphere right now.
  • Hormones going crazy (see above). Our lives are about to change in a few days and I’m so excited but also so anxious.

I guess my body is preparing me because I wake almost every 3 hours exactly. Luckily when I tend to get the least amount of sleep I make up for it by sleeping well the next night. So maybe it will all balance out? Ha.


Nothing too specific, still loving sweet things.



Still coffee without any extra sugar or milk added.


Pregnancy Circuit and Pilates (regular and reformer) 2-3 times a week for the first couple weeks. Can’t wait to take baby girl to the mums and bubs classes next!

Missing Anything:

Eggs Benedict and smoked salmon. Oh and being able to move around freely.

Looking Forward To:

Meeting our baby girl of course!


All the time only now it feels more fluid like she’s swimming. I can feel an elbow (heel, foot, hand???) poking out of my right side constantly. It’s pretty crazy and I will really miss this part of being pregnant.

Nursery Progress:

Putting on the final touches with my mom this week. ☺️ It’s simple but sweet. It’s hard making a nursery in an apartment where you can’t paint or hang anything. I just can’t wait to see the little girl that’s going to grow and change in there.

Not sure when I will be posting next, but you can keep up on Instagram or Snapchat (both are courtneyalkek) in the mean time. Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Baby A: Month 9 Bumpdate 

  1. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to meet your little girl!!! How exciting 🙂 Also, you’re the cutest pregnant person ever…all belly!!! Good luck with labor and delivery…I’ll be checking Instagram frequently for updates 🙂 xo

  2. yay so glad your mama is there – how fun!!! i am getting all the pokes and sharp jabs (elbow?) too it’s wild! i know what you mean about decorating a nursery in an apartment but that’s too bad you can’t even hang things!

    getting SO excited for you and sending you many healthy vibes and wishes your way!

  3. now i feel like i can’t really comment because heyyyyyyyyy you have a baby now, the bump is gone! well, i’m sure it’s still there because that’s normal, but you know. baby!

  4. I’m way behind on this so congrats on the safe arrival of your baby girl! I hope you’re all settling in well, that everyone’s doing great and that you’re eating plenty of those doughnuts because they look AMAZING. Can’t wait for more updates!

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