Leighton {The Birth Story}

Hi friends! If you follow me on any form of social media then you are probably very well aware that we have a new family member.

Leighton Alyece (pronounced like Layton Elise) Alkek joined us Friday, August 5th at 8:35am weighing 7 lbs 8oz and measuring 20.5in. We are absolutely infatuated.


If you have been following along, you know that she had been in a Frank breech position since week 28. We originally had the c-section scheduled for 1pm that afternoon, but earlier in the week they called and asked if I minded moving it up to 7:15am. I was happy to do so since I knew I would be a bundle of nerves waiting around all morning (and I wasn’t looking forward to fasting all morning). This did mean we had to check in at the hospital at 5:15am though.

My mom got to Brisbane Wednesday morning and we hit the ground running trying to get things done before Friday. We actually hung the last shelf in the nursery Thursday evening. Luckily I had worn myself out and was able to sleep pretty soundly until 3am and only had an hour before it was time to get ready.


Here we are ready to go bright and early.

Once we got checked in at the hospital they got me in my gown, Trav in his scrubs and asked me lots of the same questions.

Then they took Trav and I to the OR (or Theatre as they call it) waiting area. Trav was cracking me up with his commentary on everything and everyone around us which made me feel way more relaxed. After we had been sitting around for a while waiting for the clock to get to 7, the anethetist told us that apparently there was a water leak in the room we were supposed to be in. They had the electricians in there but it could be another hour or so. This went on for another 30 minutes or so before they made the call to just move us to a different room. By this time though my OB had left to see a patient and they had to call him and get him back to the hospital.

The whole time everyone from the anethetist to the midwives and nurses were explaining what exactly was going to take place and what to expect during the procedure. Walking into the OR I could definitely see how an emergency cesarean would be very traumatic. There were so many people in and out and it all felt like a movie set, so sterile and all the equipment sitting out. Don’t worry Travis was still cracking jokes as I was waiting to get the spinal tap and even answered a FaceTime call from our nephew. They gave me a general anesthestic first which stung a bit and then the spinal so I didn’t feel that. By then my doctor had arrived and it was showtime.

They put up the drape and it felt like Travis and I were at a slumber party in a fort. The anethetist stayed back there with us letting us know what was going on but mostly keeping us entertained. He asked what music to play on his phone and when I jokingly told him about Trav and the didgeridoo he put it on an aboriginal station. So Leighton got a true native Australian welcome to the world.

Within minutes of the procedure starting he explained we would hear a vacuum noise, they would lower the curtain and we could see our baby. Right before that though all we could hear were the doctors talking about how big her butt was and they were having trouble getting her out because she was a big baby. There were several bootylicous and Kim K jokes made (FYI her butt is not that big). Since she was breech that was the first thing that came out and the first thing we saw before they turned her gunky self around for us to see alllllll that black hair.

They quickly grabbed Trav to cut the cord, clean her off and get her checked her out.



Look at that little breech babe all folded up.

They quickly brought her back for some skin to skin and our first photo as a family of three.



We both were just in awe. In what felt like an instant they had Trav and Leighton head out so they could finish sewing me up. I’m not one to get too emotional but that made me choke up a bit wishing they were still right there.


Someone ran off to do the conversion to pounds for us but they did it wrong, she was 7lbs 8oz not 12oz.

It wasn’t long at all before I joined them in recovery and walked in (well, wheeled in) on Trav taking the best selfie ever.


We had some more skin to skin and she latched on right away which everyone was very excited about. Apparently they were a little short staffed that day at the hospital and someone forgot to come get us to take us to our room for over an hour, so my poor mom was stuck waiting on us in the lobby and having to just get pictures of her first grandchild sent to her.

Finally they took us back to our room and went and got my mom. At this point I was feeling pretty out of it from all the drugs, but we still had to introduce her via FaceTime to all our family back in Texas.





She was so calm and just the cutest thing we had ever seen, so we had to show her off to everyone. I’m so grateful everything went so smoothly that day, it honestly was a great experience and we ended the day on cloud nine.


We stayed at the hospital for a total of five nights and six days and I have lots of pictures from our stay to share later this week when I recap our first born’s first week with us. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Leighton {The Birth Story}

  1. She is absolutely adorable! Such a cute little face – and that hair! I’m glad you’re all doing well and it’s so lovely that your mum was able to be there too.

  2. Such a precious post. I am overjoyed for you! I love her name too. Way to go, you little trooper! I’m so glad your mom is here with you.
    P.S. I was a breech baby, and my mama had me. The birth story isn’t pretty.

  3. awww i love her name!!! good work mama – that sounds like such an intense experience even though you knew you were needing to have a c-section! glad it all worked out and also way to go australia for letting you stay in the hospital to recover so long. my friend here in the states who had a c-section was released after 3 days (and apparently women had to fight hard to get that extra day). love seeing all the photos of your expanded family!

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