Leighton {The First Week}

As I mentioned in her birth story, we spent the majority of her first week in the hospital. For private patients in Australia, five days is standard for cesarean patients. At first I thought I would be so ready to get out of there by then, but we actually ended up staying an extra day. We were having feeding issues and her pediatrician (who only really sees her at the hospital, very different to the US) recommended we stay an extra day to get things sorted and monitor her weight gain. He left it up to me though and with all the support and resources available at the hospital it just made sense to stay. We complain about the high taxes living here but we definetly saw them at work during our experience.


Leighton was born on Friday morning and by Saturday she had her first visitor. My friend from work, Ebony, brought flowers, a gift and sweet letters from my students. I loved my class this year and was so happy to hear from them, apparently one of my sweet girls started crying when she heard Leighton was born because she was so proud of me. They are counting down the days until I bring her to school.



Saturday we also gave her a bath in our room for the first time. She was not a fan.


Since she was a breech baby for so long (the last three months) her poor little legs were like frog legs and she always wanted to scrunch them up which made getting her changed and dressed difficult.


She also mastered the side eye while in the womb.


Sunday we had two more visitors and more flowers to brighten our room. My friends, Jenn and Ameilia, came to meet our little one. She put on a show and immediately stopped crying and slept peacefully in their arms.

Sunday night I also sent Travis home to get a good night sleep. Monday was his birthday and he was planning on going into work that afternoon so I wanted him to be rested. My mom stayed up at the hospital with me and Monday morning we decorated the room for Trav’s surprise party.



He had told me not to do anything or get him anything for his birthday and we had gone out to a birthday dinner the week before to celebrate so he wasn’t expecting anything.

He got a new belt and a wine guide (that he immediately had to start reading) but the best gift was this little nugget in her onesie. Her black leggings are my favorite.

I finally figured out what to get the guy who has everything. #littleleightonalkek #daddysgirlalready ?

A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on



Monday night my friend, Nikki, came to visit and brought the cutest gold polka dot dress that I can’t wait for Leighton to wear. Nikki is expecting a baby in November and we joked that Leighton must have known because she was fast asleep when she got there and as soon as Nikki held her she was looking up at her wide awake.


Tuesday was filled with more staring at our angel baby (who has the funniest expressions).




Her little folded ear where her foot was smashed up against it in the womb. It has already straightened out on its own. 

Wednesday morning we got ready to go home! It was a public holiday for the Ekka (like the state fair) so check out was running a little slow since they were at half staff. But it’s ok because I got lots of pictures of Leighton in her coming home outfit.

✌?️ hospital, hello world! Leighton is all rested up and ready for you. #littleleightonalkek

A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on


All buckled up and ready to go! She loves stretching out her legs now (no more frog legs).


That evening we had three more visitors who brought over dinner, gifts, chocolates and gelato from our favorite place. We are so spoiled. I even got a gift certificate for a facial from my friend Monique who is having her own baby girl in November.

After dinner we decided to try out the tummy tub. We were given this by Trav’s boss who was moving out of the country and I was a little skeptical about how it would work. It’s supposed to replicate them being in the womb and relax them. Since she screamed through the bath we gave her at the hospital, I let Trav take the reigns.


She loved it. She screamed when we undressed her (as she normally does) and then immediately relaxed.

All clean and stretching our legs in our pjs.


Thursday morning we had our first outing two blocks over to the coffee shop. It felt so good to be out of the house after 6 days  in a little room.


Friday we started our day with a living room photo shoot.

Post shoot nap- modeling is hard work.


We also received not one but three packages from friends back home. I set up the pottery barn gifts to take a picture  to send the givers but as I was taking it Leighton decided to lift her tush and release a little gas. The result is quite a funny picture.


We ended the day by celebrating one week with our little love bug by going out to dinner at an Italian restaurant down the street. It felt so good to shower and put on normal clothes for the first time in what seemed like forever. Picking out a shirt to wear was the most exciting since I no longer was limited to my tiny maternity wardrobe. Leighton was a doll and slept soundly in her stroller the entire time.

I only have three words to describe those seven days: Best week ever.

Don’t worry I don’t plan on recapping every week of her life in such detail ?. Hopefully once I can get back in the blogging routine I will share monthly updates. I am already getting the hang of feeding and baby wearing while typing! Next week I will be sharing pictures of her nursery finally so stay tuned…

23 thoughts on “Leighton {The First Week}

  1. Lol go right ahead and recap every week, I will read it!!! Seriously Courtney…she is SO CUTE. Like you know how all babies are “cute” of course, she is REALLY CUTE. Her nose and her dark hair and her faces haha. Oh my gosh. I’m even obsessed haha!

  2. How precious is she?! I love all the funny poses you’ve captured her in, looks like she’s going to be quite the comedienne even at a week old! Sounds like things are going really well, hopefully all the visitors are cheering things along. Oh and that going home outfit is hands down the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. hahaha recap each week if you want to 😉 one day you’ll be far too busy to do it and you’ll love looking back on this. she is so tiny and i LOVE those black leggings and her side eye.

  4. Lindsay L Hess says:

    SHE IS SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL. I say recap every day. Or every hour, even. I love her side eye, the snark is strong with this one. 😉

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