Friday Favorites: Mom Edition

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe that I have officially been a mom for two whole weeks. I am not going to lie it has been a long week of learning how to take care of a newborn at home. This little cutie’s face makes up for the long days and lack of sleep though…

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past week…

These Pictures

Saturday morning Travis captured these pictures of Leighton coming out of her cocoon aka her swaddle. Her little stretches are my favorite.

Weekending with Baby

We have been trying to get out of the house once a day for some sort of outing. Luckily Leighton loves being in her stroller. Saturday we took her on her first City Cat (the ferry) ride to go to brunch. I had been telling Travis that the first weekend I could go to brunch after baby I wanted to get Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon because that was three no-no’s during pregnancy (runny eggs, hollandaise, smoked salmon). We tried out a new place a couple neighborhoods over and it was so good. We walked home from brunch through the neighborhood and along the river before settling in for the day. Brisbane winter weather is my favorite, sunny and 70’s most days.

Sunday we hung out at home until after her mid day feed and then headed twenty minutes to one of the coastal suburbs for lunch and a walk. We had just visited Shornecliff as a couple a few weeks ago, so it was great to be back with our little one in tow. We ate fish and chips and then walked along the ocean and soaked in the perfect weather once again. We even ran into one of my student’s and his family on the pier. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. So perfect I didn’t take any pictures.

This Side by Side


Most people have been saying that Leighton looks like Travis, and honestly at first I couldn’t really see it. Luckily my mom still has all of the pictures from our wedding slide show on her phone (#hoarder) so we decided to do some baby picture comparisons. She has my hair color and eye shape but she is definitely a baby Trav look-a-like, just look at all his blonde hair.

This Meeting

My dad arrived in Brisbane on Wednesday morning to meet his first grandchild. It was the sweetest meeting. Unless I am feeding her she has been in his arms.

City Mini GT


A little different than the last few favorites, but we are loving our stroller. That was one of the biggest decisions (baby gear wise) and I did so much research before choosing this one. Since we live in an apartment and are walking distance from mostly everything I wanted something easy to use and fold up and down since I knew it would be getting lots of use. This thing pushes like a dream, even with her car seat attached it weighs nothing and then folds up with one hand.



Homegirl has some serious suction on her and loves to suck on a finger but up until now I haven’t been able to get her to take a pacifier. We have tried multiple brands and she has not been interested in any of them so far. My dad brought a wubbanub that I had ordered from the US (they are double the price here). We gave it to her when she was fussy yesterday before our walk and she LOVED it. It is the cutest thing to see her holding on to the little lamb.

Have a great weekend! We are getting Leighton’s newborn photos taken tomorrow and I am so excited.


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18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Mom Edition

  1. Leighton continues to be absolutely adorable, and how lucky she enjoys her stroller. I’m impressed you’ve managed to get out and about already, nice work! I’d definitely make a huge effort for a good eggs benedict though 🙂 Hope the photoshoot goes well!

  2. She is so precious Courtney! 🙂 I’m loving all your snaps of her! I love that y’all have been getting out and about with her. When I have baby I plan to do that same! 🙂 So happy for you and your hubby! Oh and I love her name! 🙂

  3. oh my gosh the wubbanubs are so cute, i buy them for everyone who has a baby because i can’t handle the cuteness and secretly want them for myself 😉 that picture of her with your dad.. so cute!

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