Leighton’s Nursery 

Hi friends! After cranking out a record three posts last week, I have a feeling this week will be a little slow on the blog front.

My mom and I actually finished Leighton’s nursery the night before she arrived. I took these pictures that night (because there is now an air mattress in the middle of the room) so you will have to forgive the poor lighting.

I originally had in mind a girly, antique style nursery for Leighton. As we started  buying the furniture though I started leaning towards a more modern, simple but girly look.

Since we are in an apartment we couldn’t paint the walls and everything “hung” on the walls was done so with command hooks and strips.


The first purchase we made for the nursery was the rocker and crib. The room is pretty small and a lot of the furniture we found at baby stores was quite large in comparison. We found these at IKEA so not only were they the right size but cost efficient.



The garland was my first DIY project for the room. I wish it was a bit longer but I’m happy with the way it turned out. I do realize I will probably have to move it higher once she starts standing in her crib.


The Precious Moments cross stitch in the frame next to the window was made by my mom when she was pregnant with me and hung in all of our nurseries growing up. She had it reframed and surprised me with it when she came.


Another DIY- the Ikea spice rack hack, I really just painted the front rod to match the peach/coral theme of the room and my mom attached picture hooks to command strips to hang them. It’s been three weeks and they are still staying strong ☺️.  Also, how cute is the little possum stuffed animal? I received three copies of the book Possum Magic at my baby shower and one came with the stuffed animal. I also framed the invitation from my shower since it matched perfectly.



Our dresser/changing table, also from Ikea. Travis just drilled a hole in the back to attach the changing pad to it with the strap. On the dresser is the birdcage votive candle  holder which is being used as storage for part of little Leighton’s headband bow collection. My mom bought it for me when she was here last when we saw it for sale at a cute cafe/gift shop. At the time we didn’t even know if Baby A was a boy or girl, but it was too cute to pass up.


The antique chair that we also bought on my parents last trip and the Alice print my friend Lauren gave me at my baby shower.


Gotta have Texas represented somewhere ☺️. The book was a gift from a sweet family friend.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into Leighton’s corner of our apartment. I can’t wait for all the sweet memories that will be made in that room.

10 thoughts on “Leighton’s Nursery 

  1. What a cute nursery! And you did a great job despite not being able to paint or hang things, renting sucks sometimes. I hope everything’s still going well, I’ve enjoyed your burst of posts!

  2. love this so much! such a cute room. possum magic is one of my favourite books of all time, love the little possum you got with it. and of course love the texas representation! i’m gonna do that here, but opposite – it will look like australia vomited in my kids nursery. hahahaha.

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