Bridge to Brisbane 2016

The past two years Travis and I have ran 10k’s here in Brisbane. The first year was a last minute decision when some friends of ours couldn’t make the Bridge to Brisbane and were looking for people to take their spots. At the time I wasn’t too thrilled about it because I was only running a couple of miles at a time. We had a good time though (read about it here and forgive the old school blog post) and planned on running it again the following year.

Last year we ended up being in Thailand during the Bridge to Brisbane so we chose to run a different 10k, the River Run. This go around I actually properly trained and ran the whole race without walking (a big deal for me).

Well this year I knew that the race was going to be shortly after Leighton’s birth, so I wanted to see how I was feeling before signing up (to walk not run, of course). I actually felt really good after my c-section, even when I was still in the hospital.

I asked the physio that was seeing me about walking the 10k and she was surprisingly optimistic that I would be up to it three weeks post-op. She told me to take walks and add on to the distance each day and see how I felt. Luckily we live in the most walkable part of town and I walk everywhere anyway, so I quickly could tell I would be fine. My parents are still in town and they were excited to participate as well (and push Leighton in the stroller).


One thing I didn’t think about when deciding to participate was the early start times. Travis was running and his group started at 6:40, meaning we were leaving the house around 5:45 to catch the bus. This normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, but after only a few hours of sleep the night before (#newbornlife) we were hurting pretty bad.


Luckily we got there early and found a coffee shop to purchase some energy at.

Travis joked that he would be halfway done by the time we started our walking division at 7:10. Don’t worry at 7:10 we were changing and feeding Leighton in the back of a hotel lobby ?. We were just rocking up to the 1 kilometre marker when Trav texted to let me know he finished.



The amount of people walking in the race was insane.


We started towards the back of the walkers but due to my mom and I’s great manuvering we managed to get ahead of quite a bit of the crowd.


They changed the course this year in honor of it being the 20th anniversary. This year we got to walk over three of Brisbane’s iconic bridges.


Here’s Leighton on the story bridge. Fun fact: you can see the corner of the Story Bridge all lit up at night from her nursery window.

She did really well for most of the race hanging out in her stroller napping but the last two kilometres she was over it and had to be held by one of us. That’s when the power walking really began.

After an hour and forty five minutes we met Trav at the finish line.



We ended the morning with a delicious brunch at the Gun Shop Cafe in the West End which is also where we are last year post race.

It was the perfect sunny Sunday morning being active with our little family and my parents. I’m so glad we were able to keep our little tradition alive ☺️.

6 thoughts on “Bridge to Brisbane 2016

  1. awwww look how cute and itty bitty she is! i can’t handle it. love that you guys got out and did this, and how cool that you can take a stroller! next year you’ll be running and beat travis i bet 😉

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