Leighton {One Month}

I can’t believe we have officially been parents for over a month. It has gone so fast, but at the same time the days of being a family of two seen like ages ago.



Here are a few details about Leighton’s first month…


She eats every 2-3 hours during the day and about every 4-5 at night. She is great about taking a bottle and latching on.

It took a while for my milk to come in and while we were in the hospital Leighton’s weight started dropping, so we stayed an extra day to make a plan. We began supplementing with formula as well as nursing and pumping regularly. We still supplement some when she seems to need more than I can give her.


The hospital I delivered at has a free breastfeeding clinic that you have access to for the first six months and I went to appointments with an LC twice during the first couple weeks back at home. I’m pretty sure without that help I would have given up on breastfeeding all together.


I’m convinced Leighton has FOMO and does not want to miss anything during the day. Unfortunately this makes for a super fussy baby. She got pretty spoiled having her grandparents around the first month to hold her all the time and got to where she did not want to be put down, especially when she was sleeping.


The one place she will nap during the day is on her playmat, but only on her tummy. If only she could sleep on her stomach at night…


Once she falls asleep at night she will sleep for good stretches up to 5 or 6 hours, going to bed around 7 and waking up at 1 then 5 to eat.

Now that things are settling down and it’s just the three of us we are trying to get into a routine and get her napping during the day in her bassinet or crib. I’m trying to follow the routines in the book Save Our Sleep, but she fights that last afternoon nap pretty hard.


Her WubbaNub, Being carried in the Solly or Ergo , morning walks in her stroller, sleeping on her daddy’s chest, being sung to, her lamb playmat, sitting up in the Boppy, baths (only in the Tummy Tub)


Naps, waiting to eat, getting her diaper or clothes changed, evenings (the witching hour is very real), having her arms in the swaddle


One big highlight was having my parents around. My mom was here for Leighton’s entire first month and my dad for two weeks. I am not sure what I would have done without them and they aren’t sure what they are going to do without Leighton.



So many firsts this month (obviously), first farmers market, winery, ferry ride… all of which she slept through. We are learning that any outings need to be done in the morning or early afternoon (her first trip to the city taught us that ?).



We celebrated Trav’s first Father’s Day on Sunday. We went to brunch at the best middle eastern inspired cafe followed by hanging out on the patio of a local brewery.



Developmental Milestones:

She’s been lifting her head and moving it side to side since she was one week.

She loves to use her legs to scoot around, we put her in the middle of the playmat and by the end of her nap she will be all the way off.

I’m still working on getting that first (non-gas) smile.


That picture has nothing to do with anything but it is my favorite.

What’s up next…


Now that my parents are back in Texas, we are getting into the routine of daily life. Nap boot camp is going to be happening.

We have an appointment at the children’s hospital this week to get an ultrasound on her hips. Since she was breech it is a requirement by the hospital to make sure there aren’t any issues. Both the pediatricians that saw her at the hospital said they looked good though.

Next Friday she will be six weeks and both of us have appointments with our doctors and she will be getting her vaccines (I’m SO not looking forward to them).

And now for the outtakes from the one month “shoot”…

It is safe to say we are pretty infatuated with our little firecracker of a daughter (as evidenced by the 328 pictures on my phone and in this post). I can’t wait to see how she grows and changes in the next month.

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18 thoughts on “Leighton {One Month}

  1. She is SUCH a cute baby! The witching hour is so, very real — it’s only become an issue for us the last couple of weeks. I’m glad she loves her wubbanub. They are serious life savers. We’ve been using the Moms on Call schedule, and for the most part it’s worked really well. She is starting to get more fussy, though, I assume because her needs are changing and the schedule changes once she hits 8 weeks!

    • Aw thanks Becca! Have you looked at the wonder weeks app? I know Leighton is supposed to be going through a leap in a week that makes her extra fussy ?. Someone else suggested the Moms on Call schedule and it looks pretty similar to the one I’m using as a guideline (how do you actually make a newborn follow a schedule?!).

  2. Beautiful! We have a similar wrap, a Hug a bub, and it was probably the best thing we brought. When you take her back to Texas it will be your best friend on a long haul flight. Also, the lactation consultation service at the hospital is such a wonderful thing, I’m sure lots of people would give up on breastfeeding (myself included) without them.

      • The best thing we bought was a fly babee, its a cover for the bassinet on a plane. When we used it Ella slept about 7 hours straight on a flight to LA. It blocks out some of the noise on a plane and keeps it dark for the baby. Also I’d go when she is nice and young… we’ve done long haul with Ella at 10 weeks, 5 months and 1 year old. 1 year is a terrible time to fly with a child – they are most likely too big for the bassinet and very mobile so it’s not fun for anyone to have them in your lap for long flights.

  3. omg the outtakes, i die. hilarious! the picture of her asleep on her stomach on the mat.. so freaking cute!! i love that you had your parents for the beginning of her life, i really hope my mum can come for me! good luck with nap bootcamp, the hips ultrasound and vaccines!

  4. oh she is SO dang sweet! i love reading every single thing you wrote because it’s so similar to our stage right now!! the spit up outtake is amazing 🙂 and LOVE seeing your sweet parents with her!! xox


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