In case you haven’t noticed the blog has taken a backseat to newborn life, but it is what it is and one day when I’m much more rested I’m sure I will get back to posting multiple times a week. Until then here’s a peak at what we have been up to around here…


my parents. They were such a big help around here for the past month. Now we just have to settle for (almost) daily FaceTime chats. We talked to my mom on grandparents day for 45 minutes and the whole time Leighton was being so active and smiley- it’s crazy how much she has “woken up” just in the past week since my mom left. I am so excited that my mother in law will be here next month to meet Leighton.



how every day Leighton seems more and more alert. I’m especially loving the smiles she’s been giving us.


to the tradies (short for tradesmen) building the apartment building across the street. Have I mentioned there’s about 267 apartment buildings going up around us? I have actually gotten quite used to the constant white noise of their tools (or whatever you call what you build apartments with).


the JonBenet Dateline special, well I started it during nap time and am anxious to finish it.


for a more consistent nap schedule. Is it too much to ask a one month old to eat and sleep when I want her to? This is the text I got from Travis on Sunday…



that our six week paedeatrician appointment went well. It’s the first time we have seen him since the hospital. She’s a wee little thing but healthy so that is all that matters. Leighton also had her first procedure done (they snipped off her little skin tag off her ear) and she was very brave.


about my first post-baby girls dinner tomorrow night. Our monthly dinners have been on hold since we have had two people move and I was busy birthing, so this will be the first dinner since June that we are all together.


our trip to Melbourne and Tasmania when Trav’s mom is here next month. It’s exciting but the logistics of the baby gear are stressing me out. Do we bring her carseat or just rent one? Stroller, carrier or both? Any pointers are welcome!


Leighton might actually resemble me as a baby. My mom recently sent me this picture…



you to tell me your best healthy crock pot recipes. Dinner prep time happens to coincide with the witching hour so I am trying to come up with more meals I can get ready in the morning.


walks in the gorgeous Spring weather, I’m not looking  forward to when it starts heating up more.


That’s all that is going on around here lately, what’s new with you?

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  1. We just flew to Europe and back from Virginia with our eight month old. We brought our stroller and car seat, checked both of them. Airline lost our stroller for a week, so if you decide to bring one or both, have a back up plan in place!

  2. Jade says:

    We have a few crock pot staples in our house. One is crock pot salsa chicken. It is super easy– just throw in some chicken and a can of salsa and let it cook! It is great on salads, rice, for tacos/burritos, whatever you want! We also do a lot of pulled pork/chicken with BBQ sauce. Just cook the chicken or pork with liquid tall enough to cover the meat on high all day and it makes it so tender! You can also makes lots of soups, chili, and even pasta sauces! Good luck 🙂

  3. I make this one alllll the time (I usually used sliced turkey steaks instead of minced turkey) and it works well even if you don’t have quite all the ingredients:

    I also have this one saved to my recipes although I don’t think I’ve actually tried it: (looking at it, maybe that’s because there are so many ingredients!)

    Can you tell we’re a fan of curries in our house!? Other than that we make a lot of bolognese, although it’s stretching the definition of bolognese as ours is mostly roasted veggies.

  4. i suck with the crockpot, but what i love to do is throw some chicken breasts in with water, cook on low for 8 hours, then when i get home i just shred with a fork and put it on salads, or in pasta, or in tacos etc etc. i am not a fan of the typical crockpot meals really, like stews and soups and stuff. also, another thing i do is throw some quinoa and a crap ton of veggies (tomatos, squash, peppers, etc) and then tomato sauce or pasta sauce.. it started out as ratatouille but it’s really not ratatouille anymore. it’s yummy and healthy though!

    glad the doctor went well, how cool that you can facetime with your mom! i bet she loves that.

    lol @ tradies. it’s funny what things/words you forget. good luck with your trips, i have no idea about what to bring for a baby but i look forward to you sharing what worked!

    • I like the quinoa recipe idea, we usually don’t eat that much meat at home but I feel like there aren’t many veggie crockpot recipes out there. My parents literally FaceTime me almost everyday and they get so disappointed when Leighton is asleep and it’s just me ?. Hope you had a great time with your mom (mum)!

  5. I’ve been using my crockpot loads this winter, it is the perfect way to cook while on maternity leave! A couple of things I’ve cooked recently that have turned out well:
    Beef Ragu
    Pulled Pork
    Slow cooker Rogan Josh

    If you are going to rent a car while travelling I think it is easiest to just rent a car seat from the car rental company rather than take your own. I’d bring both stroller and carrier though – check the stroller at the gate and use the carrier while on the plane. (As you travel a lot I’d look at investing in a Mountain Buggy Nano or a Babyzen Yoyo pram… they fold up so small that you can take it as hand luggage on the plane! I have the Nano and love it!)
    If you need a port a cot while in Melbourne let me know, you can borrow mine! But for young baby like Leighton there are some pretty cool pop up bassinets on the market… we had one while travelling in England when Ella was 3 months old and it packed really well and only weighed 2kg.

    Also I can totally relate to the daily FaceTimes with grandparents, when I first went on maternity leave I had to upgrade our internet package because I was on FaceTime so much!

    (Sorry for such a long comment, it’s just your posts totally take me back to a year ago with my daughter!)

    • You are such a lifesaver with all of your advice! I actually had already pinned the pulled pork recipe from your blog the other day. I need to check out the others. We have a pop up bassinet we are bringing but thanks for offering! I will have to look into those strollers. We are just going to check both and I will put her on my lap since they aren’t too long of flights. We are using her carrier on her pram still or else I would just get one with the rental car.

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