A Flower Carnival and Other Happenings 

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I haven’t been great about blogging about what we’re up to but that is mostly because we aren’t up to much except keeping a feisty newborn alive. Butttt in case anyone was really curious (probably just my grandparents) here is a little bit of life lately at the Alkek house.

This chick turned six weeks which seems like a milestone to me. We both had our six week doctor visit (good reports from both) and she was a champ taking her vaccinations, she cried for two seconds when they poked her and immediately fell back asleep. Taking her weekly pictures last week was so fun and I had such a hard time picking one to post. Her little personality is really starting to shine through.

I’ve been going on lots of walks with this cutie. It’s the best way I’ve found to get in her afternoon nap.

I went to dinner with my girlfriends one week night and Trav was on solo daddy duty for the evening. It was so fun to take off my mom hat and hang out with my girlfriends for a few hours, and Travis had Leighton bathed and in bed when I got home.


Leighton has been enjoying football season with her dad.

Last Saturday night we decided to attempt going out to dinner with Leighton for the third time (we haven’t since she was two weeks old and was not very cooperative). Since we have a bedtime routine established now we went through that and stuck her (swaddled and all) in her stroller. We just went across the street to a restaurant called Reef that is partly outside, so if things got hairy we could beeline home. Luckily she slept through the whole meal and we even walked to get gelato from our favorite place before calling it a night.

That evening I saw one of my friends posted she was at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers which reminded me I had wanted to go check it out. Toowoomba is a small country town an hour and a half away from Brisbane. Saturday was a gorgeous day but Sunday we woke up to a gloomy sky and rain in the forecast for both Toowoomba and Brisbane.

We decided to go ahead with our plan though hoping the rain would hold off or at least be light. As we got closer and closer we soon realized it wasn’t getting any better. We were too far committed to turn around though. We made a very quick walk through the gardens and stopped for a few photo ops including our first family selfie.


They were really pretty and I would have loved to have spent a sunny day there.



This was the musical garden that had different bands logos made out of flowers.


That’s about it around here! Leighton and I have had a busy week catching up with friends and Travis has had a really busy week at work, so we are looking forward to a weekend of family time at home. Have a great end of the week and weekend! I will leave you with a cute picture that has nothing to do with anything…


12 thoughts on “A Flower Carnival and Other Happenings 

  1. That is an adorably cute picture. It sounds like you’re all doing great! Making it out for dinner is a pretty huge achievement, good on her for sleeping through like a champ. Also, those gardens look really pretty. Shame about the weather but at least you know they’re worth a return trip now.

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