Recipe Recap: September

Hi friends! It’s been a hot minute since I have posted one of these. We are finally getting back into the swing of cooking this month since we no longer have my mom around to cook for us. You will notice a theme with recipes lately, crock pot and simple meals. There is no time for gourmet meals with a newborn around.


Chicken and Zucchini Noodle Caprese via Skinnytaste


I love anything with the tomato, basil and mozzarella combo and Skinnytaste recipes rarely steer me wrong. Bonus was I could prep the zucchini noodles and chicken in the morning while Leighton napped, so it could all be thrown together later.

Blackened Chicken and Cilantro Lime Quinoa via Sarcastic Cooking


My friend, Meghan, actually brought over this meal after Leighton was born and it was so good I had to get the recipe. I have to admit it wasn’t nearly as good when I made it because I overcooked the chicken (time management is not my strong suit especially lately), but I can’t wait to make it again with appropriately cooked chicken. The flavors of the quinoa and the avocado sauce are amazing.

Slow Cooked Lebanese Green Beans and Beef via The Lemon Bowl


Since I bought a new slow cooker I have been on the hunt for some new recipes that aren’t just the usual chicken breast and a can of something. I am not a huge chicken fan and I prefer red meat so this recipe jumped out at me. It also made enough for two nights and my lunch one day which was so nice. We just put ours over rice but I feel like quinoa would be a good option too.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken with Carrots via Slow Cooker Gourmet

Told you I was getting use out of my slow cooker. This recipe was really easy and really good! Travis made fun of it first because he thought it sounded like a random combination and then he apologized and asked it I would make it again because he really liked it. I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs since that is just what I am used to buying and they worked just fine (the recipe calls for bone in and with skin). I couldn’t save a picture and the pinterest embedding tool wasn’t working so you will have to go to the Slow Cooker Gourmet site to check it out.

Honey Garlic Salmon via RasaMalaysia


I LOVE salmon and would eat it every night if I could. I tend to stick to the same honey dijon recipe but Travis has been requesting a new recipe to mix it up. I don’t think I have ever pan fried salmon before and I did stick it in the oven at the end (it was an optional step) to make sure it was cooked through. I think I found a winner to add to the rotation!

This week I am trying a pork chop recipe for the slow cooker and I am anxious to see how it turns out. Let me know if you gave any recipes for me to try next month!

9 thoughts on “Recipe Recap: September

  1. i am always looking for new slow cooker recipes! that first zoodle recipe looks delish as well. i still haven’t used my zoodle maker thingy, i’ve had it for like 2 years and it’s in the packaging still. maybe one day lol

  2. Second eating salmon every night if I could! You always have the best recommendations, and I’m going to be reunited with my slow cooker after two years in storage next week, so thanks for these ;).

  3. Yup bookmarking all of these, ha. I like that they’re a departure from your average slow cooker meal. Things are ramping up at work for me plus it’s getting chilly here so I think my slow cooker will be getting a workout, too!

    So, I have two questions about the zoodles. 1. How do you make your zoodles? 2. Does this really fill you up? I am a carbs gal and I’m a bit terrified of a carbless meal. Shameful, I know…

    • I used to just use a Juliene peeler to make them but now I have a hand held spiralizer thing (it’s like a peeler you just stick it in and twist). It really isn’t hard with just a juliene peeler though and they are inexpensive if you are just wanting to try it out. You definetly need a protein in it, we’ve done bacon, chicken and sausage to fill you up. I’ve tried just zucchini and pasta sauce and that doesn’t fill you up.

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