Friday Favorites: September Edition

I know I probably say this every month but where has time gone? I can’t believe tomorrow is October! I know everyone in the US is all excited about fall, but I’m over getting real nervous about the hot summer quickly approaching. Here’s my favorites from the past week…


Last Saturday was Riverfire in Brisbane. Every September the city hosts the Brisbane Festival, which is a series of different arts and cultural exhibitions and performaces around the city. At the end of the month they have a massive fireworks show on the story bridge. For fun here we are at the previous two years- the first year we were at a friend’s apartment party where his balcony looked right over the bridge.

Bobcats in Brissy! #latergram #riverfire

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Last year we got a last minute invite to a work dinner that was right on the river as well.

Happy Riverfire, Brisbane! ? So glad Travis made it home safely from Papau New Guinea in time for the fireworks ?.

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Given we had zero plans for this year we had pretty low expectations, but we headed up to one of the vantage points, baby and champs in hand.


We got so lucky with our spot and could see everything so well (that’s the story bridge right behind us). We tried to get Leighton some baby headphones before hand but they were sold out! Obviously not the only ones with the idea. Luckily the fireworks weren’t loud from where we were. The jets that fly over, on the other hand, were quite noisy so I covered here ears best I could ?. Right before the show started I heard someone call my name and it was my friend, Lauren, who was walking by with her husband. They were looking for a spot to watch and so they posted up with us for the rest of the evening.

We had a fun night and Leighton was really good until the end when she had enough. She doesn’t sleep very well with lots going on around so she stayed awake most of the night and was pretty worn out by the time we went home.

I think she was still worn out on Sunday because she took a giant nap and even when we got her up to eat she wasn’t ready to wake up. Must be nice.


This Is Us


I’m loving this show so far and judging by other blog posts I’m not the only one. Also, Jesse from Gilmore Girls and Mandy Moore are in it so there’s that. My viewing companion is pretty cute so that doesn’t hurt either.

Taking Route “This Global Life”

I mentioned Taking Route last year when they featured me on a post. This year they are doing something really cool for the month of October. Every day for the month they are featuring a day in the life from an expat (mostly bloggers) from a different country. I will be featured on the 6th and there are so many other awesome people and countries that will be on the other days. I don’t know about you but I am such a sucker for regular day in the life posts so add in a different country and culture and I am SO excited for this series to begin!

Mums and Bubs at the Movies

The movie theater by my house has Mums and Bubs sessions every Wednesday morning. They play a current movie that’s out and have the theater catered towards moms (mums) and babies (bubs). They turn the volume down lower, have people waiting to help with your stroller and pretty much have a stroller parking lot outside the theater door.


Her face is priceless.

This week they were playing the new Bridget Jones movie and my mums group decided to go instead of meeting at our usual coffee shop. It was so nice to get to go to the movies and not worry about your baby crying because there are babies everywhere! Even with the constant commotion of babies crying and moms getting up and down (to bounce, change or soothe) it was still easy to concentrate on the movie. Leighton was awesome and either slept, nursed or sat in my lap and watched the movie (?) the whole time. I can’t wait to go to another session.

Weekend Plans

We love a good spontaneous trip around here, so when we realized it was a three day weekend we decided to find somewhere to go. I already had plans to go wedding dress shopping on Saturday with a friend so we booked a hotel in the Granite Belt for Sunday night. We are going to head over there in the morning to go to Girraween National Park and do a hike we have been wanting to do since we were in the area when I was pregnant. It will be Leighton’s first overnight trip so it will be a good trial for our week long trip to Tasmania next month. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

Well that’s it for this week’s Friday Favorites. What are you getting up to this weekend?

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: September Edition

  1. I LOVE that off the shoulder white shirt with the colored tassles! SO CUTE!!

    And I can’t wait to read your post for the Taking Route series! 🙂 Leighton is just the cutest! Good luck on the first overnight with her! I’m sure she’ll do great!

  2. Sounds like you’re all doing great! Riverfire sounds like fun and ps I love your top. The Taking Route series looks so interesting, I love being nosy and seeing how other people do things. I’ll definitely be following along!

  3. Mums and Bubs sounds like such a great idea, and so much fun that y’all got to see the Bridget Jones’ movie! I also love that you found a friend and her husband when y’all were at Riverfire! It’s always so much fun when you randomly run into friends like that. And I almost didn’t recognize Jess when we were watching This Is Us for the first time! I can’t wait for the Gilmore Girls reunion!

  4. i always wanted to go to a mums & bubs, even though i obviously was not a mum haha. i just wanted to be a sticky beak and have a look. i think it’s really awesome.
    i haven’t watched this is us yet (too late for me to stay awake lol) so i am waiting for a few episodes to be over and i’ll mini-binge. i love mandy moore!

    • I love that you just said sticky beak- one of my favorite Aussieisms. It probably wouldn’t be so fun if you don’t have a kid, it’s pretty chaotic haha. That’s a good plan because every episode so far has ended in a cliffhanger.

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