Friday Favorites: October Edition

Happy Friday everyone! We are spending the day packing for our week long trip to Tasmania. I can’t wait to go back!

Speaking of fun things, here are this week’s favorites…

Family Time


My mother-in-law came in to town last Saturday morning to come spend time with us (ok, mostly Leighton). We are loving having her around and it is so nice to have an extra set of hands during the day. Leighton is pretty lucky in the grandparents department.


Loopy Phone Case

Sandy also brought over several different purchases from home. One of them was the Loopy phone case my mom had ordered for me. She saw them advertised on TV as good for moms since we always have our hands full. To be honest I wasn’t convinced it would be that useful, but almost a week in and I am loving it. I also love that when you set it down it has a built in little stand, which is perfect for looking at recipes or face timing.



For the second week in a row Leighton and I attended the free mums and bubs work out class at South Bank. It is such a perfect location right in the parklands along the river. Sandy joined us and agreed the workout was no joke either. I have signed up to take a different workout class with Leighton on Tuesdays but it is nice to have this free option as well.

Speaking of the class I signed up for, look at what popped up on my instagram advertisements…


That would be Leighton and I in the second seat. Not creepy at all to see your face as you scroll through your feed.

Reminiscing on Tassie


It is exactly one year since we were in Tasmania and I am loving all of the photos showing up on my time hop and Facebook memories. I am so excited to show Sandy (and Leighton) such a beautiful part of Australia. And if you are wanting to read my posts about that trip…

Road tripping Around Tasmania’s East Coast 

Tasmania’s Tulip Festival

Lovin’ Launceston 

Exploring Historic Hobart 

Sharing Leighton’s Newborns

I am SOOO happy with how they turned out and I loved getting to share them this week. If you are in Brisbane and need a family or newborn photographer, check out Dawn Photography.

Well that is it for this week, time to go pack! Have a great weekend 🙂 .

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: October Edition

  1. i think i might fly to brissy and get my newborn photos done when the time comes. haha. they are fabulous! how funny that you’re in the photo that you scrolled past. exercising with baby sounds like such a good idea, awesome there is a free class too!

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