Leighton the American

As you all know, Leighton was born in the wonderful country of Australia, BUT since Travis and I are only here on his work visa so she will unfortunately not get to be a citizen. It’s tricky, I know.

So on Tuesday the three of us drove to the airport, boarded a plane for Sydney, took a train to the city and then repeated that nine hours later. All to go to the American Consulate to report her birth (so she can be an American) and apply for a passport and social security card. Sidetone: They do make visits to Brisbane quarterly but they don’t post them anywhere so we could have saved two plane tickets, whoops.

Leighton was great on the plane ride (her third). She especially enjoyed the episode of Big Bang Theory I was watching.


We got into the city around 8am and decided to take a stroll around the Opera House and then check out all of the festivities that were happening in honor of the Melbourne Cup that day. The Melbourne Cup is HUGE in Australia. Like work shuts down for the race, public holiday in Melbourne huge.

We walked along the harbor and recreated the photo of my dad and I in front of the Harbour Bridge in 1988. We recreated it earlier this year while Leighton was still in my tummy too.


We walked around the Opera House and snapped some pictures with the sleepiest babe before heading into the CBD.




She was pretty worn out from the journey. I wasn’t sure how a 3:30am wake up was going to go over now that Leighton is sleeping through the night, but when I went to wake her up she was all smiles and stayed awake through the car ride, airport and most of the flight. So a nap in her daddy’s arms was well deserved.

After doing some people watching in Martin Place and deciding not to place a bet at all the mobile gambling stalls set up for the race, we settled in at the Lindt Cafe for a coffee. The Lindt Cafe was where the infamous Sydney Siege took place almost two years ago. Business was up and running as usual but it was a tad eery knowing what took place there. Travis is not a sweets person at all but is randomly obsessed with Lindt chocolates so he was in heaven checking out all of the flavors.

I ordered a Lindt Mocha and it was absolutely divine.

Leighton just hung out looking cute. Then we headed to the consulate for our 10:30 appointment. Once we arrived they confiscated all of our belongings (even my fit bit) so we have no pictures of the process, sorry. It was pretty straight forward though.

We continued our day in Sydney with a walk up to Observatory Hill, a place we hadn’t been before. I conveniently took 0 pictures of the view but captured a few of my little citizen with the American Flag they gave her.

We had a nice lunch at a place by the Opera House and enjoyed some more people watching as the fascinators and suits began to multiply. We had some time until our flight so we decided to walk through Hyde Park and take the train from there. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and such a nice escape from humid Brisbane.


We hopped on the train to the airport and Leighton enjoyed checking the views out of the window.


We were both pretty knackered (as they say here) by the time we got on our 5pm flight. Luckily we both snuck in a nap and Trav snapped a cheeky photo.



I’m pretty sure we all had a good sleep that night. Just check out my fitbit from the day, 3:30am wake up and over 20,000 steps.

It was such a fun (and long) day for us and I can’t wait until she’s older and I can tell her about the day she became an American (without ever stepping foot on American soil).

13 thoughts on “Leighton the American

  1. Congrats to American’s new little citizen:) Love the picture recreation in front of the bridge! I remember being in Sydney for Melbourne Cup day and getting to leave at lunch, I loved all the outfits and especially the fascinators!

  2. Leighton is gorgeous! I love that they gave her a little flag.

    My cousin was born in Australia but like your daughter isn’t allowed to be a citizen. They now live in New Zealand since her parents weren’t able to get their visa renewed.

  3. dang that’s a long day!! the sneaky nap photo is hilarious. love the photo recreations. i can’t believe The Lindt Cafe is still open and operating. i am not sure i could ever go back to that street, let alone the cafe. very eery 😦 glad it was a relatively painless process!

  4. Leighton is adorable. I feel really very lucky that when Iris is born she will automatically be a Canadian citizen. I would like to get her dual citizenship though, just so that she has options.

  5. That’s a lot of steps on not much sleep! I’d have conked out on the plane, too. That sounds like such a fun day trip to remember the momentous occasion by. Also pretty cute that Leighton napped through all the famous sights of Sydney but woke up for the chocolate cafe 🙂

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