GPSmyCity: Travel Articles turned Apps

I’m not sure about you, but when I am planning a trip one of the first places I go to is the blogosphere. I get on bloglovin’, pinterest or travel link ups and start looking up my destination in order to plan out all of my must-see, do and eat locations. Even my non-blogging husband is always finding travel blogs to help map out our trips.

The problem with this though is once we have planned out where we want to go we either have to go through the process of adding all the places to our google maps or (if we forget or don’t have time) we end up trying to find wifi to pull up the articles again only to realize we are nowhere near our next attraction. Now there is an app that has found a solution to that problem and allows you to use blog posts to help guide you as you explore a new city…


Introducing GPSmyCity

The new app has over 5,000 self-guided walks, maps and articles for cities all over the world AND you don’t even have to have wifi to use them. All you do is download the free app and begin exploring! Once you have the app, search for your destination, download any articles you are interested in and read them on your own time, with or without internet (perfect airplane reading material). If you decide to purchase the full version of an article, then you pay $1.99 and you have access to an interactive map of all the locations in the article.

You can see where you are and get turn by turn directions to any of the spots, along with information on each location.  You can even choose between sightseeing walks (popular attractions), discovery walks (trendy parts of town), or pick and choose your own destinations and create a custom walk.

So what is so unique about GPSmyCity?

They are partnering with travel and expat bloggers to turn their posts into the articles and maps that you download. Since the app developers are using blog posts to create the custom maps, not only are you seeing where to go but you can read about it from someone who has been there. In fact, three of my blog posts have been turned into apps:

To celebrate the launch of my articles turned apps, we are giving away free full downloads of my guide to Bangkok (Tuk Tuking through Thailand: Bangkok Highlights Tour) for the next week. So if you are panning a trip to Bangkok or you just want to see for yourself how handy this app can be- go check it out!

Disclaimer: If you do pay for an upgraded version of any of my apps I will receive a small commission that goes toward running Alkeks Abroad.

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