Leighton {Three Months}


I am sure I am going to say this every month, but how on Earth have I been a mother for three months? It feels like it has gone so quickly but at the same time I don’t remember life without her. I feel like Leighton grew up so much this month. She literally woke up a three month old and started doing all new tricks (more on that below). I feel like I am going to blink and she will be a toddler.



5.32kg/11lbs 8oz

59cm/23in (this is a rough estimate since I tried to measure her myself)

0-3 clothes, infant size diapers


Still eating (breastfeeding and formula) about every three hours although with supplementing it is hard to really keep track. She takes a 150ml/5oz bottle before bed (up from 4oz previously).


Leighton is an awesome nighttime sleeper! Around 10 weeks she started sleeping 7pm-5am most nights a week. When she was 12 weeks we moved her into her own room and besides waking up the first night she has slept through the night longer, waking up between 5:30-6am most mornings. The night of her 3 month birthday she blew us away and slept 7-7, so I am crossing my fingers it sticks. Daytime sleeps on the other hand have become a battle and most days I just don’t even try to put her down and just let her nap on me or in her swing as long as she will. I want to try and put her on some type of routine but it’s hard when she won’t go down for naps. Any tips are welcome!


PIANO GYM– seriously this is the only way I get anything done, she is obsessed with this thing. I joke to Travis that half the time we are trying to play with her she is just wondering when we are going to put her back down on her mat, her daddy making silly faces at her, being worn in the Solly or Ergo, mirrors, getting her diaper changed and being naked in general, bath time in the tummy tub, sucking on her hands, trying to grab her toys


riding in the car most of the time, being strapped into things, getting out of the bath


  • Her first flight and vacation. Except for a couple witching hour meltdowns in the car on the way home she was a trooper and snoozed and pooped all over Tasmania.




  • Spending time with her Grandma Sassy. Trav’s mom was in town for three weeks and we loved getting to spend time with her.


  • First swimming lesson! She wasn’t quite sure what to think of it at the first lesson but she is slowly warming up to the pool.


  • First Sunday at church, everyone was so excited to meet her. She got a special shout out during the announcements.



Developmental Milestones: 

  • Reaching and grabbing at things constantly now hence her obsession with the play gym.
  • Discovered her hands and they are always in her mouth.
  • Tried to roll over the day after her 3 month birthday. She kept getting stuck on her side and getting frustrated. She hasn’t tried since then and I kind of hope she doesn’t, I’m not ready to stop swaddling.


  • Smiling and laughing more and more at silly things. My singing and dancing is one of the funniest things to her.

What’s Up Next… 

A 12 hour flight back to the US next month! Until then we are laying low in Brisbane and continuing with swimming lessons and play dates with friends in the neighborhood. Two of my friend’s are birthing new friends for Leighton in the next few weeks, so I am excited to have more mum friends and babies to cuddle.


We love our sweet girl to the moon and back!

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16 thoughts on “Leighton {Three Months}

  1. So much sweetness! Love seeing her first trip, need to hear about her swim lessons, and in love with that moon and back blanket!! All so fun! She’s darling and Reagan wants to meet her 🙂

    xo welltraveledwife.com

    • Swim lessons are pretty much a staple of Australian childhood, starting when they are a couple months old. We mostly just sing songs and practice kicking and splashing. In the 4+ month class they go under the water ?. They need to meet and discuss travel plans and hair accessories ????.

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