Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain

The first stop on our journey around Tasmania was Cradle Mountain. We didn’t have time to go there on our trip last year so we made sure to plan a day there on this one.

Once we landed in Hobart we picked up our rental car and headed towards the Promised Land… no really, that was the name of the town our cabin was in. As we started off we passed by beautiful vineyards and orchards. The weather was sunny and perfect so we decided to stop in the most adorable town of Richmond. Travis had read about the town and how it was home to the first Catholic church in Australia.


The town was pretty small so it didn’t take long for us to find the church and check it out.




We picked up a quick lunch and hit the road towards our cabin. On the way we stopped in a nearby small town to pick up some groceries to make dinner since we knew there wouldn’t be anything once we got further into the country. I somehow did not take any pictures of our cabin but here is what it looked like right outside our back door.



We bundled up and did some exploring before getting Leighton into bed for the night and cooking dinner.

The next morning we woke up, packed up our things and headed toward Cradle Mountain and the Lake St Clair National Park. The weather was looking pretty cloudy and rainy, but apparently that is par for the course in that part of the island.

Our plan was to do the Dove Lake Circuit as we had heard that it was an easy walk and very scenic. We stopped by the visitors centre on the way in and paid our entry fees before heading to the track. At the visitors centre we found out part of the track was closed, but considering the less than ideal weather conditions, a shorter walk was fine with us.





Even in the crappy weather the scenery was stunning as we walked around the lake. If you are wondering where Leighton is, you can spot her in Travis’ jacket in the Ergo all bundled up. After walking and checking out the beautiful landscape we decided to turn back around to the car to warm up.


It started to rain, but Trav wanted to do one more short walk that was known to have wombats. Sandy, Leighton and I decided to sit that one out and hung out while he went wombat spotting.



He was successful! As we left the park, we passed this pretty waterfall so we had to turn around and get a picture.


From there we headed on to Launceston, but more on that next week…


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21 thoughts on “Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain

  1. Leighton is such a cute traveling buddy 🙂 The landscapes look amazing! It def looks worth the visit, specially because it is in such a remote part of the world. Plus, you get the chance to visit Promise Land!! Hahah, what a plus 🙂

  2. That scenery is beautiful! Tasmania is so beautiful. I’m very keen to go back, hopefully in the summer time next time! Also I definitely need a pet wombat.

  3. oh my goodness! you’re making me want to go to Tasmania, stop it. i don’t have enough time to fit that in haha. but seriously, gorgeous photos! and how cool to see wombats in real life.. and slightly terrifying too lol.

      • next year, june or july. honestly, we keep going back and forth. if we go to NZ, we really can’t spend any time elsewhere in australia besides melbourne and sydney with family, because they would get cranky if i came all that way only to spend a few days with them and jetting off somewhere else. so we could skip NZ and fit in somewhere else at home but i really want to go to NZ! lol

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