Leighton {Four Months}


I am sure I will say this every month, but this has been the best one yet! Leighton is starting to really develop her own little personality and is so much fun to be around.



6.13 kg/13lbs 8oz


0-3 clothes, infant size diapers


Same as last month, still eating (nursing and supplementing with formula) around every three hours.


Leighton is still an AWESOME sleeper at night. She sleeps from 7pm to around 7am (sometimes earlier and sometimes even until 8). I realize this isn’t the case for most babies her age, so we don’t take our full night’s rest for granted. During the day though she is an energizer bunny and only recharges her batteries with little cat naps on me or in her stroller.  I’m glad I am getting a good rest at night because homegirl wears me out during the day.


piano gym is still a favorite and occupies her for a good amount of time, grabbing her feet and trying to put them in her mouth, putting her hands and anything she can grab in her mouth, grabbing Travis’ hair (she gets the biggest smile when she has a nice chunk of it), tummy tub for baths, silly faces and pretty much anyone that gives her attention


Car rides, sudden loud noises, taking naps

  • Baby Yoga Classes at the Roma Street Parklands


  • Picnic date at the park with two other mamas and bubs


  • Her first beach trip and two more that followed. She wasn’t sure of the cold ocean water the first time but now she likes it. While we were there some tourists decided to take pictures of (and with) her which was pretty entertaining.


  • Meeting two of my Aussie friends’ new babies, can’t wait until they are older and can play together


  • Continuing our mums and bubs exercise class this month, it’s Leighton’s favorite she always laughs the loudest I have ever heard her when we are there


  • Continuing swimming lessons, she is getting more comfortable in the water and starting to kick and dunk her head in (which is not part of the class)
  • Spending a Saturday on Mt. Tamborine, we hiked to a waterfall and visited a winery


Developmental Milestones
  • She rolled over both directions all on the same day! She has only rolled front to back a couple times since but tries to roll onto her tummy all the time now.


  • She is getting a lot better at tummy time and lasts longer than just a few minutes now


  • Discovered her feet and wants to reach for them all the time
  • Smiling and laughing all the time now, she is such a happy little girl


What’s Up Next

We fly to the US on Thursday! Leighton and I will be staying in Texas until February while Travis will go back in January to work and then we will all fly home together after Travis has a work conference in Texas in February. We are going to miss him so much but are so excited for extra time with our family and friends.

And now for the outtakes…

13 thoughts on “Leighton {Four Months}

  1. Welp she’s still utterly adorable. I think if strangers are taking her photo you can be fairly sure she is as cute as you think she is. Happy travels to the US!

  2. Oh my goodness Courtney, the picture where you are both staring at the camera…she looks exactly like you!!! Every time I see a picture of Leighton, I still can’t get over how much HAIR she has!!! So so so so adorable!!!

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