Bay of Fires {Tasmania}

When I left off, we were heading out of Launceston towards the east coast. Our first stop at the Bay of Fires was an area called The Gardens. It is by far the most beautiful beach I have ever visited.


It was pretty windy (as you can see by Leighton’s face) so we couldn’t stay too long.









After spending some time at The Gardens our next stop was Binalong Bay where we saw more of the gorgeous orange rocks.



From there we had a late lunch in St. Helens and picked up some groceries for dinner because we knew from experience that Scamander (where we were staying) has little in the dining department. We also picked up two dozen oysters for $1 each from the side of the road. A way better bargain than anywhere in Brisbane and much fresher.

Our apartment in Scamander had everything we needed (even a fake fireplace/heater) and an ocean view.


We did have a little mishap when I went to shower and accidentally flooded the bathroom. The maintenance man that came out (immediately) was so friendly and fell in love with Leighton. When he returned with supplies to clean up the mess he brought her a Finding Nemo stuffed animal.


Just as we were getting settled in a storm blew through, so we got all cozy and enjoyed our oysters and some Tassie wine. The rain passed by quickly and we were left with this gorgeous rainbow.



The next morning we headed out to see another bay, Wineglass Bay but more on that next week…

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22 thoughts on “Bay of Fires {Tasmania}

  1. Wow absolutely breathtaking! Although your pictures look quite sunny & warm but then I realized you’re in jackets and then I was surprised to see you lighting a fire haha. Pictures can be quite misleading! #WanderfulWednesday

  2. That beach is goooooorgeous! The colours of the sand/water/rocks is unreal. Shame about the wind, I wonder how busy it gets in summer? And whether it’s any less windy?! And how sweet of that maintenance man to bring a gift for Leighton!

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