Life Lately/Christmas 2016

Welp I have been a little MIA from blogging world, but for good reason- we have been gallivanting all over Texas the past two and a half weeks. I am back online this week with two posts, although I can’t promise how much more you are going to hear from me until I am back in Australia in February. We are busy soaking up all our family and friend time!

We flew into Houston on the 8th and immediately headed out to Trav’s hometown of Victoria for his sister’s wedding. Travis walked his sister down the aisle and I was a bridesmaid, so it was a special weekend for all of us. It was extra special since it was his family’s first time to meet Leighton.

From there we headed back to Houston then on a six hour road trip to visit ny grandpa and his wife in Central Texas. Leighton loved her time there, getting to know her great grandparents and their two mini poodles. We also got to see my aunt, uncle, cousins (and their kids) who we haven’t seen in forever.

Leighton even got to go on a big shopping trip where she met Santa and refused to smile for Santa. It was a fun day and she  sported her new shades on the way home.

From there we were back in Houston for a busy weekend. Travis caught a Rockets game with friends, we became god parents to the sweetest little boy (my best friend since high school’s son), celebrated a first birthday and a 30th birthday, went to a Texans game (Trav) and a sip and see for Leighton (me). Overall a crazy busy but SO fun weekend. I am seriously overwhelmed every year by all the love we feel on these annual visits home, but seeing all our friend loving my daughter takes it to a whole new level.

After the weekend we piled in the car with my mom and sister (who surprised my mom flying in early from San Francisco) for a 8+ hour drive out west.

We spent lots of time hanging out with my siblings, parents, sweet grandparents and their friends. I even got to see my friend from Brisbane, Courtney, who lives in Texas now (of course no photo was taken).

Christmas Eve we got up early to celebrate Christmas with my family. Leighton opened her one and only gift from us- a takeaway coffee cup inspired sippy cup. The baby spends enough time in coffee shops with me, I figured she might as well fit in. My favourite gift opened was my mom’s from Travis- a bag of peanut M&M’s (her addiction) and a sticky note that said “check your phone” to which he had a Facebook friend request waiting. The two of them had been in a stalemate over who would send the friend request for years and he finally gave in.

After opening gifts and saying our goodbyes, we headed to the airport for a quick one hour flight to Houston.

We picked up my dad’s car from the car park and headed south on 59 with this cutie in the backseat.

We made it just in time to get ready and walk over to the neighbors for their annual party. I remember last year at the party feeling queasy and wondering if there could be a baby joining us the following year. I also failed and got zero family pics at the party, but check out this cute dads rocking their babes to sleep mid party.

Christmas Day we opened gifts in the morning and then family came by for lunch. These two were the cutest cousins (three weeks apart) and I can’t wait to watch them grow up together.

This week we have been doing a lot of relaxing and hanging out before we head back to Houston for New Years.

Can you believe that we have done all of that in two weeks?! I’m exhausted just recapping it.

I hope all of y’all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday with your friends and/or family. I will leave you with our Christmas card this year since I didn’t get around to posting it on actual Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Life Lately/Christmas 2016

  1. You really have been gallivanting! In the best kind of way though. All those pictures are adorable, family time is the best kind of time. Happy Christmas and New Year!

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