Leighton {Five Months}


Around 15lbs, no idea on her length until we go to her 6 month appointment

3-6 month clothes (although we can squeeze into some 0-3), size 2 diapers but about to move up 


Nothing really new here, still eating (nursing and formula) around every three hours.

On the eve of her five month birthday we gave her some mashed avocado to try. At first she was mostly just confused but then she seemed to like it and even got upset when Travis took the spoon away. I tried to give her some the next day and she acted disgusted by it and even gagged! We are just going to ease into trying some more before adding solids into our routine.


Except for the first week in the US (when she was jetlagged) she still sleeps 12-13 hours a night without waking. We put her down around 7 and since we’ve been in Texas she has been waking up around 8 every morning. This is sooo nice since homegirl still only takes catnaps sporadically during the day. BUT the last two nights she has woken up in the middle of the night and it has taken us over an hour to get her back down. Not sure if it is teething, sleep regression or what, but I am hoping it is just a phase.


Bouncing and playing in the jumperoo at both sets of grandparent’s houses, looks like we need to buy one when we get home

Sitting up or standing more than laying down always

Chewing or sucking on everything

Grabbing hair, including the dog’s…


Sudden loud noises, car rides most of the time, being held too much

  • Surviving a 13 hour flight from Australia! She was so good and hopefully she will be just as well behaved when we fly back next month.

  • My friends threw her the most perfect sip and see.
  • Celebrating at my sister-in- law’s wedding and matched her cousin, Mary Caroline, who is 3 weeks older than her.

  • Her first Christmas ?

  • Soaking up all the time with her grandparents and great grandparents.
  • Going out to the ranch for the first time.

Developmental Milestones
  • Getting pretty quick at rolling back to front and front to back.
  • Lasting a lot longer during tummy time and pushing all the way up on to her hands.
  • Getting better at intentionally grabbing things (usually so she can put them in her mouth)
What’s Up Next…

Hanging out in Texas and visiting with family and friends for the next month!

And now for the outakes…

10 thoughts on “Leighton {Five Months}

  1. I’ve been thinking we’ll need some sort of upright toy. We have a Bumbo (where I’ll set toys up nearby) but he’s so skinny the straps are too big!

    I hope your flight home goes smoothly! 13 hours is hard enough on adults!

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