We’re baaaaaack!

After two months back home in Texas, we are back in Brisbane and getting back to normal life. I didn’t mean to take a two month blogging hiatus (with the exception of Leighon’s five and six month posts) but that’s life.

I recapped a lot of what we have been up to in Leighton’s posts but I figured I might as well do a little update here as well. Apologies in advance if this is all over the place.

We left for Texas early December so that we could attend (and be in) my sister-in-law’s wedding. Then we bounced around Texas until New Years when we headed back to Houston and Trav headed back to Australia to go back to work.

It was definitely a different New Years with little miss in tow. It was actually New Years Eve 2015 that we found out I was pregnant with Leighton and we spent the whole night keeping the secret to ourselves (while I drank a lot of tonic water with lime). This year we spent it at a kid friendly party at our friend’s house in our old neighborhood.

We spent the week hanging out with Trav before he left us for a month.

I also got to have a fun “mom’s night out” with my girlfriends before we hit the road again and headed to surprise my Grandma for her 80th birthday.

We drove 8 hours and managed to keep her in the dark until we popped up on her doorstep. We even facetimed her along the way and said we were at a restaurant in Houston (we were really in San Antonio). It was the best surprise, in fact it was so exciting my mom turned off the camera before she could get my grandma’s reaction.

On the way back from Midland we stopped by Abilene to visit my grandpa who was in the hospital there. We decided to continue our streak and surprise him too, so Leighton and I just waltzed into his room!

The rest of our trip was spent visiting with friends, family and even a blogger meet up! We met Kathleen (Places I Will Go) and Ashley (Wandering Weekenders) at one of my favorite coffee spots, Kraftsman Baking, in Houston.

Once Travis got back at the beginning of Feb, we visited all of Leighton’s cousins in Victoria. Then Leighton and I drove him to his conference in Dallas and visited my cousin and her new baby boy.

After we got back from Dallas, both Leighton and I were feeling pretty under the weather (just in time for a 24 hour travel day). Once we landed in Brisbane, I took her to the doc who surprised me when he said she had an ear infection. I was so shocked because she was a trooper our whole 13 hour flight and didn’t act like her ears were bugging her at all. She’s on antibiotics now and feeling much better.

Since we didn’t want to infect any of our baby friends, we spent our first week back home laying low and trying to beat jet lag. Saturday we ventured to the farmer’s market and then to the west end for lunch and to stop by one of our favorite local breweries.

Sunday was eventful- we headed out the door to church and soon realized we locked ourselves out! We were trapped in our hallway and had to call a locksmith to come out (almost $200 later) and let us back in. We still made it to to church and only 30 minutes late. Everyone was so surprised to see how much she had grown in two months.

The next day Leighton and I took a walk along the river and I received a phone call from our apartment manager that I had left my car keys in the mailbox when I checked the mail on the way out! So yeah- we aren’t doing very well in the key department. If you recall, I locked us out of our old apartment twice when I was pregnant. When we lived in Houston Travis once locked himself in our backyard with no phone and had to break into the house through a window.

On a brighter note- the weather was absolutely perfect along the river, so we decided to stop and hang out in the grass for a while. Leighton was on cloud nine.

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully I will be much better at updating this space. I have so many ideas of things to write about, I just need to make more time to sit and type them up. My (mental) draft folder includes posts about our Tasmania trip from October, tips for traveling with babies, and Brisbane day trips. Let me know if there any topics in particular you enjoy reading about. Have a great rest of the week!

13 thoughts on “We’re baaaaaack!

  1. I’m glad that Leighton is feeling better, and that she was such a trooper on your trip, even with an ear infection! I love that you got to surprise your grandparents while you were in Texas, and that we got to meet up! That coffee shop that we met at is seriously so cute!

  2. So glad we got to meet while you were in town! I remember talking about it with you when you first found out you were pregnant! She is the sweetest little thing ever!

    That white eyelet dress she’s in is the cutest!

    Now it’s my turn to come and visit y’all!

  3. wow what a whirlwind of a few months! so happy you got to spend some serious quality time with family in texas – yay! and as you know – i would LOVE a post about traveling on long flights with squirmy babies. the longest flight we’ve been on is 4 hours but have a trip to hawaii and europe coming later this year and i need to get my planning game on!

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