Friday Favorites: Back in Oz Edition

Happy Friday! It feels like it has been such a full (but fun) week and I am so excited for the weekend to come because of my first favorite…


As I am typing this post, two of our best friends are on a plan to Australia!! Travis is meeting them in Sydney to do a little sightseeing and then they will be flying to Brisbane on Sunday. We have lots of fun things planned for them and I LOVE getting to play tour guide in our home away from home. So here are some old pictures for memories sake…

Mother’s Group

Since everyone has been traveling over the summer holiday (including us) we had our first big mother’s group meet up of the year and it was so fun to see how much all the babies have grown and changed in the last two months! These ladies have been such a blessing to both Leighton and I ever since we started getting together when the babies were only a month old. I can’t believe they are now over halfway to a year! Our cafe days are pretty much gone now that these kids want to grab and move, so we met at the park (which don’t worry has a coffee hut) and had such a great afternoon.

Afternoon Walks

Leighton and I have started a new habit of going on a late afternoon walk by the river. It’s still pretty hot during the day, but around 4 o’clock it cools down along the riverwalk and it’s so pleasant out. We stroll, I listen to a podcast (more on that in a second), stop to swing or lounge in the grass. It’s the perfect way to end the day and fight off the evening hour fussiness.

Lunch Dates

Now that Leighton is feeling better we have been out and about visiting our friends. Now that Leighton has started solids she really likes being involved in the date too, sitting in her high chair requesting everything that we are eating.

This afternoon Leighton made an extra special friend at the cafe…

Someone Knows Something

Ever since Serial I have had a hard time finding a crime podcast I can really get into. I have listened to quite a few other true crime podcasts, but Someone Knows Something is my new favorite. The first season is the case of a little boy that goes missing, but I skipped to the second season which is a cold case of a woman who went missing days after getting engaged on live TV. I still have quite a few episodes to go, but I am loving it.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Back in Oz Edition

  1. That baby group pic is adorable! So nice to have a group like that to get together with. Also, I’m trying that podcast asap…I’m obsessed with crime. And I say that in the least creepy way possible…

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