Leighton {Seven Months}

I can’t believe another month has come and gone! Our teeny tiny baby is now a chunky little girl. Her personality is really starting to show and we are having so much fun!


17ish lbs (this is an estimate because she was 16lbs 12oz a few weeks ago)

Size 3-6/6M clothes but 9M in PJ’s

0 teeth but we are drooling and chewing on everything in sight 


This gal lovessss her food! I did a mix of purres and baby led weaning when I first introduced solids around 5 1/2months, but Leighton has made her preference for whole foods quite clear. She loves to feed herself and so spoon feeding is pretty disasterous. Plus she likes to chew so I don’t think she like the texture of purres.  I’m pretty amazed at how she has learned to chew up her food small enough to swallow over the past month.

I watched this video and read this book that really made me want to give BLW a go around 6 months when she was ready. It can be scary at first to just hand your baby a slice of something but they are pretty impressive in how they figure it out. Her favourites include toast, grapes (cut in half, she sucks out the inside and spits out the peel) and cucumbers. I also keep these organic fruit biscuits in the diaper bag that are little rings she can easily grab. She is definitely changing the way we go out to eat now because she gets upset if you eat in front of her and don’t share! No more dinners where she’s just snoozing in the stroller.

Even with solids her main nutrition still comes from nursing and formula which she gets around 5 times throughout the day.


We flew back to Australia right after she turned six months and for the first week and a half she was waking up around 10-11pm because that’s when she was waking up in the US (8-9am). She finally seemed to kick that and started sleeping straight from 7 to 5 or 6 and then was up for the day. Then we went out of town and she was pretty much up on and off all night for the three nights we were away. I’m not sure if it was different surroundings or sharing a room but it was not fun at all! Now we’re back home and she slept almost 12 hours last night so hoping we are back on track.

Naps are still a struggle but we are getting better. She is ready for a nap about two hours after she’s up. Sometimes these are nice long (an hour and half is long to us) naps in her crib and other times they are short nursing naps because that’s all I can get her to do. Then she’s ready for another nap a few hours later (around 12 or 1). I try and go on a walk with her around 4 that way if she needs a nap she will take one and if not it just breaks up the long awake stretch.


Playing in front of the mirror, Silly faces, clapping, seeing new people, food, her sippy cup, jumperSophie the giraffe, rattles or anything that makes noise (loves this doll), bath time, dogs


People eating in front of her and not sharing, people not paying attention to her, wiping her nose, being too hot

  • Meeting her cousin, (well my cousin’s son) Luke, in Ft Worth. It was so fun seeing our babies together.

  • Doing great on the 13 hour flight home despite being sick and apparently having her first ear infection (we didn’t know until afterwards).
  • Seeing all our friends back in Australia and getting back into a routine.
  • Welcoming our visitors, Allen and Ashley, and giving them lots of baby practice.
  • Taking our first trip to Steve Irwin’s zoo and meeting all the animals, Leighton LOVED the kangaroos.

  • Taking our first trip to the beach since we have been back. She was much more interested in everything this go around.

  • Taking a girls trip to the South Australia wine region and getting to stay at a winery we visited when I was pregnant. I loved getting to take this photo exactly where I stood when Leighton was in my tummy.

Developmental Milestones
  • Sitting up really well, she can sit in the shopping cart without any support now

  • Doesn’t seem to interested in crawling yet, although every once in a while she will get up on all fours and rock a bit
  • Is really starting to notice people (so fun) and especially notice if I leave the room (not so fun)
  • Grabbing EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe.
What’s Up Next

Celebrating her mom’s 30th birthday on Saturday 🙂 Nothing else is really on the horizon, which is kinda nice.

And the Outtakes…

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