A Day in the Country

Way back in December when we were home in Texas, we spent a day in the country. Travis’ family has a ranch down in south Texas that we used to spend a lot of time at when we lived in the US.

Travis had been talking about getting to take Leighton out there ever since she was in my tummy, so we were excited to finally get out there at Christmas time. Travis and our nephew headed out first and then my mother-in-law, Leighton and I met them out there. It was a nice cool day too which was a reprieve from the heat we had been having (gotta love Texas winter) so a bonus was Leighton got to wear her cute winter clothes.

We had so much fun showing Leighton everything, even though she clearly had no idea what was going on.

Introducing Leighton to Eddie the bull. We picked out Eddie and spent the night at the ranch with him his first night there, so he is our first baby.

And all the baby Eddies were too cute.

Dylan had fun pretending to feed her to the cows…

And she experienced her first tractor ride.


This is one of my favorite pictures- Sandy and her oldest and youngest grandchildren.

It was such a fun day and I wanted to share the photos even though I realize I am a couple months late. Leighton looks so tiny in these pictures, it already makes me nostalgic!

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