Friday Favorites: I’m 30 Edition!

Happy Friday everyone! I am pretty excited for the weekend to be here for family time and to celebrate one of my Aussie besties at her bridal shower we are throwing her.

Lawn Bowls

This week was a fun one, full of celebrations and friends. Last Saturday we decided to celebrate my 30th birthday since our friends from home were still in town. We wanted to do something traditionally Aussie, so an afternoon at the lawn bowls it was! We had been wanting to try out this Australian past time for a while, so my birthday was the perfect excuse to get a group together.

Even though I don’t think a full game was played by anyone, I still had so much fun hanging out and catching up with lots of friends from all areas of my Brisbane life. I was so happy so many people came out and had such a great time. I was definitely feeling the love. Leighton also had such a good time that she held off her nap until the very end when she couldn’t take it anymore.

We ended the night walking over to dinner, then continuing on the celebration drinking wine on our patio with friends. It was the perfect day!

Baby Play Date and Pizza Night

Wednesday was my actual birthday and two of girlfriends and their bubs came over for a morning playdate. Monique happens to share the same birthday as me, so this was our third year celebrating together! She brought over the most amazing chocolate cake to celebrate and a cute necklace/teether for Leighton and I both to enjoy. I’m disappointed to didn’t get a picture of all three of the babies together, so this picture of Mon and the two girls (from last week) will have to suffice. I love the look on her daughter, Sienna’s face.

Since Travis was out of town, my girlfriend, Ameilia, came over with wine and pizza in hand. Perfect end to my 30th birthday. I am so lucky I have such sweet friends that spoil me especially when Trav has to be away. He actually had planned to take me to breakfast that morning before he left, but Leighton was sleeping in since she had thrown me her own birthday party at 3am (literally she was laughing and wanting to play at THREE IN THE MORNING) so we had to settle for cooking breakfast at the house before he left.

Oh and I got to hang out with this face all day, so all was good.

The Woman in Cabin 10

I finally finished this book this week! I actually pretty much finished it on the last plane ride because it is such a page turner. I would definitely recommend if you enjoyed Gone Girl or that type of genre.


I finally joined a gym this week! Before Leighton was born I went to the gym by our apartment with Trav every morning, but since they don’t have child care it has been forever since I have stepped foot in a gym. I have done mum and bub type workouts here and there but I miss working out regularly. I was waiting until Leighton was at least 6 months before leaving her in child care, but now that she is older I figured it was the time to bite the bullet. The only gym with child care around us is the YMCA so I went to visit Monday and it was soooo nice I signed up that day (the barista coffee bar was what sold me). They only take a few babies at a time so you have to book in advance (and it fills up really fast) so that should help keep me accountable.

Yesterday was our first visit and it was SO weird packing her little bag and dropping her off. So far she’s only ever stayed with family and a couple girlfriends. It all went well and I trust she is in good hands. More importantly how freaking cute is she with her backpack?! My friend, Bianca, gave it to her when we were home and I am obsessed.

Well that is it for this week’s favorites! Next week I will be back to see how I did on my 30 Before 30 list (spoiler alert: not great).

Have a great weekend!

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