Hobart Expeditions

Well now that we are 5 months out from our Tassie trip it is about time to wrap up the recaps. Our last stop was the capital, Hobart. Last time we didn’t spend too much time there so we were looking forward to having three nights there to close out our trip.

We drove in straight from Wineglass Bay and headed toward the cottage we rented through the site Stayz, we are usually loyal AirBnB users but that site actually had more options and better rates for Hobart. The historic home was SO cute. I totally failed at getting pictures of all the quirky features, so you will have to check out the pics on the listing and bear with this crappy snapchat pic of the outside.

Once we got settled in we headed out to the waterfront to stroll (aka put Leighton to sleep) before getting dinner at one of the many seafood restaurants on the harbor. This was the view from dinner.

The next morning Leighton was up and ready for an adventure! We decided to take a day trip to Bruny Island since we didn’t get to do that last time. We drove about 40 minutes to the terminal and then drove right onto the ferry in our rental car. Twenty minutes later we were on the island!

First stop (post coffee, of course) was the Cape Bruny Lighthouse. The view was incredible even on the cloudy day and I just love a good white lighthouse overlooking the sea.

After the lighthouse we visited The Bruny Island Neck. We walked up the lookout which had stunning 360 degree views of the isthmus. Then we headed down to the boardwalk and strolling across the beach for a bit. At dusk between September and February, little penguins make their way into their homes in the sand dunes. I was so disappointed we didn’t get to see any!


After seeing the sights, we made a few tasty stops. First we stopped at Bruny Island Chocolate Company where Sandy and I tasted some yummy fudge.

Next we went to the cheese company where we enjoyed a tasting followed by lunch. Don’t let the name fool you, they had more than just cheese- they also serve beverages and a full menu. We enjoyed some ciders and a delicious pizza with quite a few others out on the patio. It was such a fun, family friendly place that I am sure if I was a local I would frequent quite a bit.

We ended our day back at the cottage, enjoying a homemade dinner (mostly of cheese, crackers and wine) by the fireplace.

The next morning we went into the adorable neighborhood of Battery Point to get breakfast the famous bakery, Jackman and McRoss. We went there on our previous trip and I loved it, so we had to return before we left.

The smoked salmon stuffed with scrambled eggs I had was amazing and Trav really enjoyed his avocado toast with smoked salmon. You can’t not order salmon when you are in Tassie!

Next stop was Port Arthur, the historic site and former prison where the original convicts stayed. Honestly, I didn’t have that high of expectations for this place and wasn’t that excited about going. I was quickly proven wrong though. The entire place has been taken immaculate care of and all the buildings have been restored beautifully.

It was SO informative and I would definitely encourage anyone visiting the area to check it out. We took a a boat cruise around the grounds first before leading ourselves on a self-guided walking tour.

It was also eery being there knowing it was the site of Australia’s deadliest mass shooting in 1996 which is what caused them to introduce very strict gun control laws.

On the way home we stopped by a few sites in the Tasman National Park: The Tasman Arch, Remarkable Cave and the Blow Hole. Luckily you could drive right up to the viewpoints and take a quick look. The arch (seen here) was my favorite.

We were pretty worn out by the time we got back to the house, so we ordered takeaway from a nearby Italian restaurant and called it a night. We used to always go out to dinner on vacation, but I actually love eating at “home” and curling up on the couch after a busy day of exploring. Staying in an Airbnb is so much better for that than a hotel especially when you are traveling with kids because you can put them to bed and party (drink wine and fall asleep on the couch by 9) in the living room without worrying about waking them up.

The next morning we packed up and headed down to check out the famous Salamanca Markets before our flight. The weather was pretty rainy but we still managed to get some souvenirs including a children’s book autographed by the author for Leighton. We took one last stroll along the harbor to say goodbye before jetting back to Brissy.

And if you are catching up on our Tasmania trip….

Cradle Mountain | Launceston | Bay of Fires | Wineglass Bay 

Well if you made it this far, thanks for sticking with this extremely long recap of a trip from 5 months ago. From now on I promise only posts of things that happened in the past month. 😉

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