Australia Zoo and Caloundra Beach

While our friends were visiting earlier this month we decided to take a day trip to see the world famous Australia Zoo. The zoo was originally opened by Steve Irwin’s parents and then became famous with the success of the TV show “The Crocodile Hunter.” Even though we have lived here for almost three years we still hadn’t made it to the zoo.

Australia Zoo is only an hour away from Brisbane, so we left first thing in the morning to beat the crowds (and coordinate the drive with Leighton’s nap time). That worked out well because when we got there the parking lot was pretty bare, but by the time we left it was pretty crowded (and this was on a Wednesday).

We started off checking out the crocodiles and alligators in honor of Leighton’s adorably appropriate outfit.

We checked out some more animals in the rainforest section before moving on to see the adorable koalas.

Next, we moved on to the best part- hanging out with the roos! I am pretty sure Leighton thought they were just another type of dog (her favorite) because she was very excited! I had to keep her from grabbing a hold of them. Luckily these kangaroos are used to lots of crazy people around them, so they were pretty docile.

My friend Allen captured the best of Leighton’s reactions in this photo…

We wandered around some more looking at different animals in their habitats, including this adorable three week old cheetah.

Leighton starting getting a little warm and fussy, so we stopped for a break in the shade by the tigers while the Hundleys went on to Africa, to check out the giraffes.

The landscape around the zoo is also worth a mention. It’s nestled in the Glasshouse Mountains with such beautiful surroundings.

Our last stop was to the Crocoseum to grab some lunch at the food court before the big Wildlife Warriors show. The show showcased some of Australia’s famous snakes, bird and, of course, crocodiles. I sat in the back with Leighton and the pram so I didn’t get too many pictures, but it was an entertaining show.

After the show we felt like we had seen all we wanted to see and the crowds were starting to pick up. For reference, we were there about 3 and half hours. The clouds had started to roll in and we were debating going to the beach, which was our plan if we had time.

Caloundra Beach

We decided to head that way and see what happened weather wise. Sure enough, the sun came out and by the time we got to Caloundra Beach (about 20 minutes away) it was the perfect beach day.

We hung out in the shallow water and played in the sand for a couple hours before heading up to the Esplanade for drink (and snack for Leighton) before heading back to Brisbane.

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12 thoughts on “Australia Zoo and Caloundra Beach

  1. I’ve been to heaps of Aussie Zoos, but never to Australia Zoo. It looks like heaps of fun that you get to walk amongst some of the animals. That little cheetah (I think) is so adorable! Looks like an awesome family outing! #WanderfulWednesday

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