Leighton {Eight Months}

I’m not going to lie this month’s “birthday” really has made me emotional. How is it that my little baby will be one years old in less than four months!? I need time to slow down, but it seems to just move quicker. This month Leighton and I really got into the swing of things back home in Brisbane. Between visitors and traveling the past three months we really weren’t in much of a routine. Now we are on our own little schedule and that makes my planning loving heart quite happy.


8.5kg/18lbs 12oz (approx. since she was clothed and flopping around like a fish on the scale)

6-9M, 6-12M clothes although I like to squeeze her in a few 6M dresses still

0 teeth still


Not too much has changed since last month, this gal still wants to eat everything in sight. She has serious food envy and doesn’t like when people eat in front of her and don’t share. I am pretty sure I haven’t had my full meal to myself in the past month. Some of her favorites are toast, vegemite (yuck), grapes, carrots and baby mum mums.

We’re still nursing or bottle feeding 4-5 times a day too, so she’s pretty much eating all day long or at least it feels like it.


I am happy to report Leighton earns an A+ in sleep for the month. After jet lag and then traveling and sleeping in different places last month was a bit of a transition period. She is back to her normal sleeping patterns at night, 7pm to around 6:30am every morning. I am not even really sure what time she wakes up every morning because she will wake up and then play quietly in her crib forever.

And the best news of all- after 7 months of struggling to get this child to nap we FINALLY have a napper! Once our schedule slowed down I tried to spend days at home really watching Leighton to see her awake times and patterns. It wasn’t easy and she did fight them quite a bit at first but now she is taking two naps a day in her bed. They are an average of about an hour and a half each and we are both are much happier for it! Now I just have to be careful to schedule things around that precious time which can be a bit annoying.


Food, Swimming Class, bath time, face timing our friends and family back home, dogs, this book (especially the dog page), standing, playing in the sand, sitting in the high chair, anything her dad does (even styling her hair as seen below)



Getting her face cleaned, having to lay still, sudden loud noises

  • Celebrating my 30th birthday at the lawn bowls club. Of course she wore her best outfit (with vans).
  • Starting swimming lessons! She did the baby splash class when she was 3 months, but this is her first proper class. She absolutely loves it, especially the putting her face under water part.
  • Starting Kids Club (child care) at the YMCA so I can work out. She is doing so well and only one time did she cry when I was leaving. Now she gets excited and smiles at the teachers when we get there.

  • First beach day with Trav since we have been back. She wasn’t feeling the water this time but loved sitting and playing in the sand.
Developmental Milestones
  • Rolling all over our living room. She really doesn’t want to let not crawling stop her and will get herself stuck under things.

  • Trying very hard to crawl. She’s sooo close and has been for what seems like forever. She’s starting to get so frustrated that she will start fussing almost immediately after getting into position.
  • Trying to pull herself up or push herself up off of low things (like our legs). She wants to stand up so bad. I was cracking up because she was trying to pull herself up using this chair but she just kept scooting further and further underneath it.

  • Tries to clap but does it with a closed fist which is pretty funny. I guess we need to work on that.
What’s Up Next

Heading to Fraser Island the weekend after Easter and we are very excited about that!

And the Outtakes…

16 thoughts on “Leighton {Eight Months}

  1. I’m not ready for Phoenix to turn one, but like you said it’s not very far away!! Eek!

    I want to start swim lessons. Phoenix loves bath time but I haven’t put him in a pool yet.

  2. oh my goodness, she just gets cuter and cuter. she seriously looks like such a happy baby! i can’t believe she’s 8 months old already. i can’t believe she’s almost (but still ages away!) a year old. look at her little backpack! that’s freaking adorable.

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