Easter Weekending

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend with their families. We had a fun-filled four day weekend here in Brisbane.

Good Friday in Australia is a big deal and everything shuts down, even the grocery stores. We took it pretty easy and hung out around the house and took a quick trip to the park in between nap times.

Saturday we got up and moving pretty early and by 8:45 we were on the road to the Sunshine Coast. We hung out at Dicky Beach all morning. Leighton loves playing in the sand but the noisy waves were not her favorite. Luckily, the beach has a little creek that runs from the ocean where the water is shallow and still. She was splashing and dunking her head in the water just like she does in swimming class, it was so cute.  We stopped at the local fish and chips for lunch and we were back in the car for Leighton’s afternoon nap. We have learned the trick for these day trips is working the car times to be at Leighton’s nap times, so we are all happy campers.

Saturday night we decided to attempt a dinner out (with Leighton snoozing). We walked to Chinatown and managed to get through half of dinner before someone woke up. I think from now on dinner out with the mini is going to have to take place early and with her joining.

Sunday morning we got moving early to make it to the 8:30 Easter service at our church.

Leighton is normally napping during this time so she was slightly delirious and only wanting to play with the kids in front or get everyone’s attention. After a while Travis took her out into the garden to play and even attempted a photo shoot, she returned with mulch on her dress.

After church we drove to Sirromet, which is a winery on Mt Cotton in Brisbane. They were having a big Easter festival and it was pretty packed. They had games and rides for the kids and an Easter bunny walking around. A couple of my friends and their families came too so we posted up on the lawn and hung out in the sunshine.

We shared some lunch and had some wine before attempting to get a photo of Leighton and the bunny.

Sunday night we made our own little Easter dinner of lamb, mashed potatos, and brussels sprouts. We finished it off we the Aussie classic, hot cross buns, for dessert. Holidays are always different being far from family but we made it a special day for our little bunny’s first Easter.

Monday was a public holiday so we hung out a home resting from our big day. Leighton’s pj’s showed signs that she had a few too many Easter treats.

We ran errands and enjoyed our first sausage sizzle in the Bunnings (hardware store) parking lot, a true Aussie tradition.

We were all pretty pooped by the end of the day and someone passed out on our neighborhood walk.

Her little crossed hands and her leg propped up 😍.

It was so nice to have four days of family time. Luckily we don’t have to wait long for more holiday time, we leave for Fraser Island tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Easter Weekending

  1. Your Easter sounds absolutely perfect, especially since y’all were able to make a trip to the winery! That’s so awesome that Monday is a holiday in Australia! I feel like you need it in the States after all of the holiday festivities on Sunday.

    • Swimming with babies is so fun! Ugh we are still trying to work this out. I wish there was a service a little later but we normally go to the 9:30 service and we walk there and hope she naps on the way, but the last few times Travis has ended up in the back room rocking her to sleep in the pram. Easter Sunday there was only an 8:30 service which is right when she goes down for a nap, so that was a mess because she was in that delirious tired phase where she just wanted to play.

  2. oh my gosh, is that a little bonds sleeper that she’s busting out of? so freaking cute. love the little collars. mmmm hot cross buns 🙂 and sausage sizzle! yum. that last photo with her leg propped up, hilarious!

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