Weekend Adventures 

I haven’t been very good about blogging about our weekends these last few months, so I thought I would just do a roundup of everything we have been getting up to.

Even before Leighton we would try and take advantage of our weekends and go on little adventures or explore new parts of Brisbane. We have slowed down a bit as far as traveling but we still like finding new things to do on the weekends, especially activities that Leighton can enjoy too.

Beach Trips

One of our favorite day trips is to the coast, either the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. Leighton loves to play in the sand and splash around in the (calm) water.

Food Trucks and Jazz

Another event we went to a few weeks ago was the Food Truck and Jazz festival at Newstead Park by our house. They were a few issues they need to fix (long lines being one) but it was so nice spending the evening with friends along the river listening to music. I love that there are always things like this going on in Brisbane.

Morning at the Bay

One Saturday morning Travis said he was taking us somewhere but it was a surprise. We packed up Leighton and hopped in the car, and 20 minutes later we were at one of our favorite little Brisbane neighborhoods along the bay. There was a cute little cafe we had walked by several times and had wanted to check out, so we went in for coffee and breakfast.

Afterwards we strolled along the shore and stopped to play in the park. Leighton loves swinging and that’s all she can really do at a park right now anyway.

GOMA 10th Anniversary

A couple of my friends had told me about an event at the modern art museum celebrating their 10th birthday. They had lots of interactive exhibits and the place was packed with families.

We thought Leighton would love the walls covered in colorful synthetic hair since she loves dogs and petting their fur. We were so wrong though- the minute she touched the wall she freaked out.

We took her outside and fed her and she was happy, so we decided to try again.

Still hated it though.

Fraser Island

This past weekend we borrowed a 4 wheel drive and headed to Fraser Island- the world’s largest sand island. I will post more on this later but we had a great time minus a few hiccups at the end (as seen below).

Well that’s all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week ☺.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures 

  1. I can’t wait until my girl is a bit bigger and not sleeping ALL OF THE TIME!! So we can do a little bit more. Leighton and that display ❤️ I saw that on Instagram too, little poppet!

  2. So many lovely beaches! Just as we’ve arrived here the weather has turned, so we squeezed in a tiny bit of beach time and now I think we may be just admiring from afar…! Fraser Island looks beautiful. It’s on my list!

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