Leighton {Nine Months}

Well it’s that time of the month again. I can’t believe I only have a few of these left before I have a toddler on my hands!!

This month has been full of lots of changes and adjustments and I honestly feel like she has grown so much.


8.9kg/19lbs (approx)

No idea on length since we don’t have another  check up until 12 months

6-9M (getting snug though) and 6-12 clothes


This child is like her mom and LOVES to eat. She pretty much has yet to find a food she doesn’t like and it is pretty easy to please her as long as you have something edible on hand.

Her milk intake (from both sources) has fluctuated a lot in the last few weeks as she is eating more solids. Some days I feel like she wants nothing to do with the breast or bottle and then the next she is all about them.


I remember everyone saying that once you think you have figured things out with a baby, they change. Leighton has been a hot mess when it comes to going to sleep these past couple weeks. She used to be easy to put to bed and would self settle. Now she wants nothing to do with being put down (at bed time or nap time) and will scream the house down until we have patted her for what feels like an eternity.

Then not long after this started, she learned to stand in her bed AND crawl. So that further complicated things. She also has been randomly waking up in the middle of the night which is really unusual for her. I talked to Dr. Google and apparently there is a regression between 8-10 months because their little brains are in overdrive learning so many things. So hopefully that is all it is and soon we will have our peaceful little sleeper again.


Swim class, bath time, her baby doll, books (especially Dear Zoo), water bottles (especially my camelbak), swinging at the park, standing all the time, watching videos of herself, squeeling and making high pitch noises, “singing” along with music, dogs (we let her stand outside the fence of the dog park and pet the dogs)


getting her face cleaned, laying down for diaper changes, going to bed, deep voices


  • Celebrating her first Easter

Developmental Milestones
  • Pulling herself up to stand on EVERYTHING. We woke up one morning to her standing in her crib so we lowered it but she still pops right up. Her favorite spot is standing over her toy box though. She also figured out how to knock down the monitor on her crib which made for one of my favorite videos…
  • Figured out how to get to sitting on her own and then all she wanted to do was practice that for a couple weeks.
  • Finally crawling after looking like she was so close for months. I am so glad because she was starting to get frustrated anytime she was on the carpet and it made for a crabby couple of weeks at the beginning of the month. I feel like she is so much happier now that she can move.
  • Babbling all the time, especially during meals. She makes sounds like mama and dada but not directed at anyone.
What’s Up Next

Celebrating her first Mother’s Day 🙂

And the Outtakes…

17 thoughts on “Leighton {Nine Months}

  1. I swear the outtakes get funnier and funnier as the months go by since she’s getting even more mobile. And that’s seriously so awesome that she loves to eat so much and likes all kinds of foods! I also didn’t notice her cute little booties from Easter, they’re precious!

    • I actually thought of you because I remembered you writing about that! Her sleep is just a mess lately and the standing is not helping because she won’t self settle when she standing up (obviously). Hope Phoenix is doing better Leighton in that department!

  2. She’s so big! As if she’s crawling now. I love all her hair too! Sounds like an eventful month, I hope her sleeping settles down soon!

  3. i so feel you with that horrible sleep regression! what the hell is that about. uuuugh.

    that is hilarious that you captured her enormous grin as she pulled the monitor down. ours is also at about that level so we will see when atlas figures out how to do that too!

    i feel like at 8 months i suddenly looked down and have a toddler!

    • Whoops I forgot about these comments! Now we are 10 months. That regression was nuts! Only in the past week or so has she gone back to sleeping through the night regularly. Her naps are still a bit off. I have tried so many things to secure the monitor but she makes it her personal goal to take it down. Now it is zip tied so at least when she knocks it down the cord won’t fall in. As soon as the moving started (and the tantrums) I no longer feel like I have a baby.

  4. So cute! She has such an expressive face, it’s the best. Also I think I’ve said it before but I wish my hair was that cute!

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